Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Infamous Japanese Driving Test (part 2.)

So today I left school early to go take the driving test again in Maebashi with one of the guys who works in the town office. After the long drive we got some lunch and then we arrived at the driving test facility. I submitted my paper work and got a number (I was number 7) and I waited for like 2 fucking hours. I didnt need to take the written test again cuz I already perfected that shit last time. As everyone was waiting right before we were going to be taking the test, me and the guy from the town office were talking a lot with this one Chinese guy who moved to Japan from Shanghai about 5 years ago who is married to a Japanese woman. His Japanese was really good and we were talking about various things like how difficult it was to learn Japanese at first and he was saying how this was his 6th time taking the test today. He told me I looked young and asked my age and I said 25, then I asked how old he was. He said to guess. I said 30. Turns out this dude was 48! I was like, no fuckin way! So after a bit more chatting they finally called us down to take the test. I learned from all my mistakes last time and found out exactly what they were looking for via a special 2 hour class you can take (paid for by the board of education... sweet...). This time things went pretty smooth. The only major mistake I made was turning the windshield wipers on at the very end of the test after I parked when I was trying to turn the turn signal off.

After the test we waited for like another fucking hour. We were talking with the Chinese guy again and he was saying he thought he did well and didnt make any mistakes. He told me that I probably should be fine since im an American and Japan and American are close but he said that since he is Chinese he will probably get failed again even though hes a good driver. Shortly after they busted out the dry eraser board with the numbers of the people who passed on it. Out of 36 people who took the test this time, only 5 passed. Among the 5 numbers was a nice big lucky #7 written in blue marker. SLASH

I Fausted that shit.

Unfortunately the Chinese guy failed again. We both felt really bad for him. It sucks how the driving test for foreigners is handled in Japan. They really can just fail you because of the stupidest shit like racism or not liking your clothes or just about anything. Poor guy.

Anyway, thats it, just a random mid week update I decided to type up to kill time while I wait for my girlfriend to get here. Ill have another epic SBO related update after the weekend.

corn potage rocks


IzzyInfamous said...

'Grats on passing the test. Colorado has it too easy.

So, I feel kind of silly having this be my first comment on your blog, but how did you get the picture of Faust on the side? I want to add one of Zappa, but I don't know what to edit where. I'm doing something similar to this, sans traveling to Japan (yet).


ElvenShadow said...

Thank you

Assuming you are using the same site as me to create your blog, all you have to do is click on the tab on the upper right that says customize. From there, go to the layout tab and click on add a gadget. After that it gives you lots of options of what to add. Choose picture and then enter the URL from where you have it uploaded or just upload it from your computer. After that, you can drag the picture template to anywhere you want on the page and it will display in that position.

ElvenShadow said...
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