Monday, June 2, 2008

Whiskey Stick and The Return of Ogawa!

Friday night, I headed right for Shinjuku to play some casuals at Vegas. When I arrived, Axel was already there. The very first match I played was against a Slayer player who had a 19 win streak. I beat him and ended his streak right away. Then I beat some Millia player and the Slayer rematched me and I lost. Then I went to another cab where a Testament player had 12 wins and I proceeded to end his streak as well. Then the Slayer came and played me again and I won and also beat Testament again but then lost to Slayer again. I then moved to another cab where HH had an 8 win streak with Dizzy and proceeded to beat him and end that one as well. After that I beat a Bridget and Testament but lost to HH's Ky. Around this time, Kyle showed up to play some casuals too. I had emailed Shiratori and Umemura to see if either of them wanted to team up this weekend but I hadnt heard back from anyone so I told Kyle and Axel that I would be teaming up with them for this weekend. Some more time passed and I plyed a bunch more and eventually HH had racked up a 26 win streak with Dizzy. I played him a couple times and lost but eventually I beat him and ended this win streak as well. After that he pretty much left cuz it was starting to get late. From this point on I got a 14 win streak and eventually lost to a a pink Axl player (the same one I had mentioned a while back who I asked to team with once but he didnt want to enter Tougeki) in a close match that I had already beaten a few times. At this p0int the place was starting to clear out so it was time to head to Current!

I emailed Matt and he said he had plans tonight but would be coming to Current on Saturday night. Kyle said he had some things to do at home so he said he was just gonna go back to his Cousin's and sleep. Axel and I grabbed some quick food and eventually arrived at Current. There were lots of people there tonight, most of which were regulars such as Antii and his Finnish crew, Chip, and the 2 Norway guys (slightly pudgy guy and 27 year old virgin... I forgot their names). The Norway guys were sitting at a table in the back talking with these 2 Japanese girls. One of them looked pretty ordinary, the other had a smokin hot body and was wearing a very skimpy outfit that certainly didnt hide her cleavage. Slightly pudgy guy (SPG) told me that the slutty chick flashed them her tits earlier. Too bad I missed it haha. Another one of the regulars, a cute young Japanese girl named Rina who is into heavily into manga and metal, was also there. She spontaneously and unexpectedly gave me a present! It was a bag full of Gundam and Dragonball neckties! She said she got them from her work and thought I might like them. Im not really a very huge fan of Dragonball or Gundam but I was happy that she thought to get me something for no reason. The ties look extremely cheesy and tacky and would most likely be frowned upon if worn in a serious business setting. Im gonna wear one of them this week to work and see how my students react (the teachers at my school, which includes me, have to wear a suit to work every day). Not long after, Monty showed! He had a white chick with him. For those who dont remember, Monty is the guy who basically funds Current and Godz and books many metal acts for Japanese concerts. I hadnt seen him since the weekend I left for Kansai. He was pretty happy to see me and invited me to come sit with him and his friend to chat for a bit. He bought us a round of Jagermeister shots and toasted to the late Dimebag Darrel of Pantera. We talked about various stuff like concerts. He was telling me how he was going to book GWAR to come over here but they ended up fucking him over with something to do with equipment shipping so he booked another band instead called Hemlock. The girl he was with told me she has actually been living in Japan her entire life since her parents moved to Japan from the US just before she was born. Her parents own a family business that she helps with that distributes band merchendise, so she sometimes works with Monty. I forgot how old she was exactly but was pretty much my age. Monty also told me a story about how he doesnt really like Children of Bodom because one time back in the day, they were at a show and one of Monty's friends recorded some of the concert and Alexi Laiho (singer/guitarist) took away their camera and destroyed the tape. He the later returned the camera and wanted to hang out with them backstage. Monty was pretty upset that he took the tape and then was acting all friendly with them. While we were talking, we could now see that in the back of the bar at the main tables area, 27yov (27 year old virgin) now had the slutty chick totally straddling his lap and they were making out. They were going at it for a long time. SPG would periodically come over to us while we were talking, complaining that he was stuck "baby sitting" slutty chick's friend, who appearently was a prude Christian girl and she was a bit drunk. SPG wanted to get some action too but he was stuck being the wingman for 27yov... but cmon... the guy is fucking 27yov, I think he could use the experience finally. (I told my girlfriend about 27yov before and she told me that they refer to older guys who are stil virgins in Japan as Cherry Boys! lol!). SPG was then bragging to me and Monty about how he got to meet the main guy from the band Mayham the other night. Monty was actually there with them as he is a good friend of Mayham, but SPG didnt even recognize him. SPG was like, oh yea! I remember you now! After SPG went back to baby sitting duties, Monty told me how fucking annoying he thinks SPG is and how badly he was being a rabid fanboy towards the Mayham guy, asking the same fanboy questions and doing some hardcore brown nosing. He also said that he smelled like fucking shit and the guy from Mayham didnt even wanna drink anymore because of the smell (though I never noticed SPG smelling bad before). Monty was getting pretty annoyed by SPG who kept coming back and talking with him. He wanted to go to Godz for a bit and asked me to go with. I told him I would go over for a beer. I invited Antii and Reina to come with us. Chip had to leave early tonight since he had to work early the next day and prepare some sorta presentation for work.

So while SPG wasnt looking, me, Monty, his friend, Axel (who was getting pretty tired at this point), and Antii headed over to Godz. When we arrived at Godz, there was this skinny Japanese dude just fucking passed out, laying on the ground in front of the bar. His friend was sitting there just watching over him. He told us he had been this way for over 2 hours. Antii felt his arm to check his pulse and he was ok but he said that he felt very cold. He kept shaking the guy and sorta like lightly smacking his face to try to wake him up, but the guy just laid there and sorta drooled a puddle of drool onto he ground. The guys friend just told Antii that he would take care of it so after about 5 minutes of Antii trying to wake the guy up, he eventually gave in and we went inside Godz. There were just a few people at Godz but they were playing lots of good music. We ordered some drinks and then Reina showed up shortly after with this other couple that was at Current that I dont really know. At this point, Axel already was passed out on a chair in the back of the bar. I asked Monty about how he got involved with his line of work in the first place. He told me how he used to tour like as a roadie for several well known metal acts and when one tour was over, he would just jump to the next band that happened to be at the same show (refered to as a Jumper) and just did this for years. At one point he actually was a guitarist for Megadeth and played with them at some of their live shows around the time of So Far, So Good, So What and also later at some shows for Gigantour a few years ago. Eventually after winning the Lottery he moved to Japan about 3 years ago to start his business.

After we all rocked out to a live video of Metallica's Dispossable Heroes (which I requested), Antii, Rina, Axel, and I decided to head out and go back to Current. I said bye to Monty and we left the bar. On the way out, the wasted passed out guy was still there, and for some reason he was now no longer wearing any pants... I dont know why, perhaps he pissed himself. Antii was now getting very very concerned and almost like pissed off and kept trying to convince the dude's friend to call an ambulence, but Antii doesnt really speak Japanese. Rina also tried to wake the dude up a bit but he just wouldnt budge. I suggested to the dude that they at least could bring the passed out guy inside the bar to warm up. Eventually the guy kept assuring us that his friend was gonna be ok and to just leave. So eventually we gave up and left. I think the guy is going to be alright, ive seen far worse. I asked if he was on any drugs but they said he was only drinking. We arrived back at Current and spent about the last hour until closing enjoying a few more drinks and then it was time to go. At this point I had no idea whether or not 27yov was gonna get some from the slutty chick or not. Since the tournament the next day at Game Ace game center was sorta far, in MotoYawata station in Chiba, and it starts early, Axel and I decided to just take a 5:30 AM train to the station and sleep at a manga kissa near the arcade so that we could wake up early and register. After sleeping on the train, and missing our stop by a few stops, we went back the other way and eventually arrived at MotoYawata. The manga kissa we found there was the same price as my ussual one but nicer and more comfortable.

The next morning we woke up and I had a slight headache. I woke up Axel and we headed to the game center. Kyle was already there and had signed up our team. There were lots of people there playing casuals. They had 2 cabs, both were against the wall sorta tilted diagonally and each one had a big flatscreen next to the cabs so it was a great setup for easy viewing. I think I only got to play like one or 2 games of casuals before the tournament started. I was feeling a bit off and my execution wasnt that great. 21 teams entered the tournament. Lots of strong teams were there. If I remember correctly, HH was teamed up with Kaqn and Kishitaka. One noteworthy casuals match was when Gin managed to beat En in a Slayer mirror match! I was surprised and gave him props. Too bad he couldnt have done that back when I teamed with him at that one Kanagawa tournament when En OCVed us heh. Eventually the tournament started. Our first match was against Ojima FA and Reo AB (the same Faust and ABA I teamed with when I won that one random Game Chariot tournament a while back). They were also with a Chipp player. Kyle went first against Reo's ABA. He was kicking ass and dominated the first round. Then for whatever reason, it just all fell apart and he lost the next 2 rounds. After that, Axel went next with his Eddie but also lost to ABA. Finally it was my turn. I pretty much just played like shit, both execution wise and thinking wise and got beat down as well. I was hungover and not warmed up and just failed hardcore. Im going to go ahead and coin a new term here. When guys sometimes drink too much booze and cant get a boner and therefore cant perform in the bedroom, it is often refered to as "whisky dick", well... as a result of my heavy drinking the night before, I couldnt execute or think very well and couldnt perform well in the tournament.... therefore I was suffereing from "whisky stick". We didnt really want to sit around and watch the whole thing and wanted to play some casuals so we left shortly after to go to Akihabara Club Sega. However, Kyle told us that he had some more stuff to take care of so he wasnt going to be able to go and was just gonna go home. In addition, he said he would be too busy to enter the tournament tomorrow with us, so now we had to find another 3rd member.

Axel and I eventually arrived at Akihabara. Axel really wanted to meet Ogawa but he was unfortunately not there. We played various casuals for a long time, I got a 14 win streak right from the start since by this point I was starting to feel a little better and the people there wernt like hardcore skilled. Eventually, the man himself, Mr. Ogawa arrived. I said hi to him and then Axel was like "Is that who I think it is?" Given the fact that Ogawa is like Axel's hero, he was pretty excited to say the least. Ogawa told me that due to work, he hasnt been able to enter any qualifiers yet and has been very busy as of late. Ogawa got on one of the machines and started tearing it up with his Eddie. After a couple hours, he managed to rack up a 64 win streak! Insane! He was just beasting on everyone. I came close to beating him so many times but just would fuck up like one small thing that would cost me a round and it was over (sometimes stupid shit like missing one input command). Eventually, JT showed up and managed to beat Ogawa with his Millia. According to Axel, who says he was watching Ogawa play almost the whole time, I was the only one besides JT to take 2 rounds on him during a match. There was also this good Slayer player there who I beat my first time playing him, but then every time I tried to beat him he just was all in my head and I kept getting beat. Between that and Ogawa I was getting a bit frusterated to say the least, but trying my best not to get pissed off and cause it to make me play even worse. As time went on, tons of the people from the tournament started showing up at Club Sega. Gin arrived and I asked him who won the tournament. He said the finals were OsakaB/ASA/Shuumatsu vs En/Limekey/Mugen and En's team won. At one point I played against FAB and managed to beat him, ending his 21 win streak! During the last round, I think he was actually getting annoyed or desperate because he just kept doing like a zillion slide heads in a row and I just kept jumping over them and hitting him with a slash in the air and slowly picking away at his life and he died. Gin and Axel were watching and gave me some props. We stuck around for a bit longer (at this point we had been playing at Akihabara for like 8 hours!) and figured it would be good to head to Shinjuku. During the time we played at Akihabara I emailed a bunch of people in my phone to try to see if they could team with Axel and I for tomorrow but everyone was either busy or already had a team. Matt emailed me and said he wanted to head to meet us at Vegas for a little bit and then go to Current.

Shortly after Axel and I arrived at Vegas, Matt showed up. I told Matt that we needed a 3rd person for tomorrow and asked if he could join us. He said he would be happy to help us out but that he hasnt been playing much lately and was rusty. Also, for some reason... when we arrived at Vegas I witnessed one of the strangest games of casuals ive ever seen. It was Nemo vs Sharon but Nemo was using Potemkin and Sharon was using Faust! LOL! After Nemo won, I played against his PO with my Faust and beat him. He then waved hello on his way out end left. We didnt stay at Vegas for very long since it was already very late and not many people were there anyway. We grabbed some quick food and then headed to Current.

Tonight at Current was Metal Insanity event night so there were guest DJs and the ussual crowd that shows up for this event was there, in addition to lots of other regulars. Chip was there and he told me that his friend Kunko, who I had met and drank with while I was in Osaka, was visiting Tokyo for the weekend! It was cool to see her again and talk for a bit. In addition to all that, the girls from last night (slutty chick and christian girl) were there again and were sitting at a table alone. The Norway guys were no where to be found. I was curious about if 27yov was no longer a virgin. I figured I would go say hi to the chicks. I went over and said hi and they told me to sit down and join them and they introduced themselves to me. I told them I was there last night but they didnt even remember. The slutty chick says she has actually been living in England for the last 3 years and was just in Japan on vacation. Her English was good and she had a hot accent. She was also wearing the exact same clothes as yesterday. She said her parents kicked her out of the house. I didnt want to outright ask her if she fucked 27yov so I just sorta like tried to tactfully bait her into metnioning what happened but unfortunately she didnt mention it. She was sorta like trying to pretend like nothing even happened between the 2 of them at all last night in the bar haha. Not long after I sat down at their table, Matt and Axel joined us. Slutty chick also told me about how she was friends with Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom and even showed me a picture of them together on her camera. I bet Alexi rode that shit raw! Eventually after talking with them for a while, slutty chick said she was gonna go get food and left the bar with her christian friend still there. Then eventually I guess she decided she wasnt coming back and she called her friend and told her to leave as well. The slutty chick left like half a gin tonic there and Matt proceeded to drink the rest of it. Not long after that, Megu showed up! I hadnt seen her in a while since she has been working every day for the past 3 weeks straight. She sat and joined us at our table. Matt always thought Megu was cute (which she is) and was rushing that shit down pretty well. At one point one of the DJ's played the song Seven by Symphony X and all the Metal Insanity regulars that know me pulled me out to the floor area where everyone was headbanging (as everyone knows im like the biggest Symphony X fan) and I joined them in a drunken headbanging and lyric singing/screaming session. After that my voice was a little shot heheh. I returned to the table and over the next like hour, Megu bought a round of vodka shots for me, Matt, Axel, Chipp, and herself. After that, I bought the next round. After this, Axel was pretty much done for as he had already been drinking a Moscow Muel (vodka and gingerale) and fell asleep face down on the bar. Matt proceeded to buy everyone the next round of shots. Not long after, Pantyshot(the young girl with the big boobs that Sushi took a sneak picture of her panties 2 weeks ago) showed up by herself. I talked with her for a while. At one point I went to the bathroom and was standing in line and there was this one shorta blond, scantily clad Japanese chick waiting in line too. I talked with her for like a few minutes about metal and stuff and then she went into the bathroom. After she came out she said "I missed you!" and gave me a quick kiss on the lips! I was thinking to myself like WTF I just met you like 2 minutes ago! haha. After peeing I talked with people a bit more and eventually it was time for the bar to close. Matt, Axel, Megu, Pantyshot, Kunko, Chip, and I all left the bar at the same time. As we were walking, I think it was Matt, suggested we all do Karaoke! Everyone was down except for Chip and Kunko who wanted to go home. We said goodbye to them and then headed to a Karaoke bar in Kabukicho. The 5 of us then proceeded to do more drinking and Karaoke for the next 2 hours! We sang lots of stuff, Axel kept doing Japanese songs. At one point, Megu did a song that I guess made Pantyshot all nastolgic or something cuz she like started crying. I think she was also pretty drunk though. We all got totally shit faced and eventually Megu was passed out in Matt's arms and Pantyshot wanted to leave so I walked her out and made sure she found a cab. She left 10,000 yen to pay for her portion! We all owe her drinks next time we see her. Matt, Megu, and I payed for the rest, and Axel who was running out of money told me he would just pay me back next time he visits Japan. We walked Megu to the station and said goodnight to her and, Axel, Matt, and I headed to the ussual manga kissa. Matt told me he has a date with Megu next week. Damn, what a pimp haha. When we got to the manga kissa it was like already past 7 am. We slept for about 3 hours.

At about 11, we "woke up" and headed out to the train station to take a train to Tsudanuma. I slept a bit on the way there but it hardly was enough to help. When we arrived at Amusement Ace game center for todays final B-5 block tournament, they had 2 cabs set up. There were no monitors for viewing so as more people showed up it was kinda hard to get a good view sometimes. Also for some reason, they had a screen showing some bonus match from the SBO dvd of Ogawa vs Bleed and it was just playing on endless loop the entire time we were there. We entered the tournament as "Drunken Gaijin". Before the tournament stared I only played 2 games of casuals. One vs FAB and the other vs Kishitaka. I lost to both of them and had any even bigger case of whisky stick than the day before. My execution was completely shot and my brain wasnt even fully awake. I knew today that my performance was gonna be laughable at best. I dont remember how many teams entered but it was a pretty big tournament and lots of strong teams showed up. The most notable team to show up was the man himself.... Ogawa! This would be his first time entering a tougeki qualifier this year and his team was Mike (the Japanese Jam player who got 2nd place at SBO last year, not me :P) and Asaha (Slayer, and I think hes the same Slayer who I was playing the previous day at Akihabara that I mentioned earlier). Our team was the first team to play a match, and we got the pleasure of fighting Hase's team first match! Matt went first with his HOS against their Faust player, Seta. Matt got beat down by Seta and I said I would go next since Axel sucks against Faust. During my match Nakamura was cheering me on and encouraging me. However, all the encouraging words in the world werent gonna help me. I would say more than half of my item throw attempts came out as some various punch button normal and about half my FDCs came out as accidental air down kicks. Somehow I almost won the first round but the 2nd round was pretty one sided and I lost the mirror match. I wasnt surprised and I just didnt really care either. Axel went next and tried his best but also lost to Seta. Hurray! OCVed again first round! I wasnt expecting to do well today and pretty much knew once I decided to stay out past 7 am drinking that something like this would happen anyway. However, I knew this was gonna be a great tournament to watch. Some highlights. Nakamura OCVs 2 teams by himself. The 2nd match, he did this really long around 25 hit combo on some Slayer and managed to kill him 1st round and perfected him 2nd round. He also perfected a potemkin. Hase also managed to OCV a team. Osaka B's team got OCVed by a light blue Potemkin player named Konsome. Kaqn (who this time was teamed up with Kishitaka again but HH didnt come so he was with a Slayer named Yamanin) also OCVed a team with his HOS, raping and pefecting an Eddie player, a Slayer, and a Testament. Ogawa's team went and Asaha got beat in a Slayer mirror by some pink Slayer, then Mike went against Slayer and Slayer made this huge comeback during round 1 and beat Mike. Then Mike wins rounds 2 and 3. Mike then beats their ABA player, IKing her 2nd round, and finally finishes off the teams Zappa in a close match. Up next was Nakamura's team vs Konsome's team. Nakamura beats Konsome in a close match first round and then perfects him 2nd round. Up next, Nakamura fights an Eddie player named BOB. BOB gets a comeback on Nakamura 1st round and wins 2nd round as well. BOB then proceeds to beat FAB and Shoot and takes out Nakamura's team. Up next was Hase team vs R1 team. First was Hase vs the Johnny player, MK. Hase loses both rounds to MK. Seta's Faust also loses to MK. PON's Potemkin beats MK. Next he has to fight their Slayer (his name is something like Ordinary Person, it was written in Kanji) and beats him. Finally PON vs R1's Millia... PON was gonna win but he dropped a combo and R1 comes back to win. Next is Kaqn's team vs HEVEN's team (a venom player who looks like Nanashi but shorter, before I knew his name I always refered to him to myself as Nanashi Jr.) Kaqn loses to a blue Axl player but then Yamanin's Slayer beats Axl. Then the black color Anji player (whos really good btw, ive played him a lot in casuals before) beats Yamanin. Kishitaka beats black Anji and finally HEVEN beats Kishitaka in a very close and epic match. From now would be the semi finals. First is Konsome team vs Ogawa team. Konsome beats Asaha. Then Konsome also beats Mike. Ogawa beats Kansome, then beats BOB in a close mirror match, and finally beats Kisha for the win. The other semi final match was HEVEN team vs R1 team. Blue Axl beats Originary Person. MK beats blue Axl and then beats black Anji. HEVEN beats MK and R1 takes out HEVEN for the win. Finals are Ogawa team vs R1 team. Ordinary Person beats Asaha in a Slayer mirror match. Next is Mike vs Ordinary Person. Mike loses the first round but then perfects Slayer the 2nd round and wins the 3rd round as well. Next Mike beats MK 2 rounds in a row. Finally Mike takes out R1, losing one round to him but sealing their victory. Ogawas team has won the preliminary and would now be playing in todays finals.

There was a big of down time between the prelim and the finals and they wouldnt let us play GG casuals so I actually played some random games of CVS2, SFII aniversary Edition, and 3rd Strike! LOL! Man its been a while since ive played some of those games. I actually did better than I was expecting to hah though I didnt win any matches. I also decided to give Osaka B one of those Gundam neckties I got from Reina as a present since he gave me that random present a while back. He found it amusing.

Eventually it was time for the finals to start. There were 4 teams in todays finals. First is Ogawa team as you know. 2nd is En(SL)Mugen(BR)/Limekey(AN), 3rd is Oppai(BA)/Taku(SL)/Chikusa(CH) and the final team is Sharon(BA)/Karun(JA)/Inoue(TE... yes thats right, Inoue was playing TESTAMENT! 0_o)

First match is Sharon team vs Oppai team. Karun beats Oppai, Taku beats Karun, Inoue beats Taku, Chikusa beats Inoue, and Chikusa also beats Sharon by a pixel in a close match! Up next is En team vs Ogawa team. Mugen goes first and convincingly takes out Asaha. Mugen also beats Mike in a good match. Up next is Mugen vs Ogawa. Mugen wins the first round and everyone starts going crazy at what seems like a possable Mugen OCV! However, Ogawa steps it up and takes rounds 2 and 3, both of which were very close! Up next is En vs Ogawa. En wins the first round almost perfecting Ogawa! People are now getting HYPE! Round 2, En is dominating again, and is just about to kill Ogawa but he DROPS HIS COMBO and Ogawa comes back and wins. Im sure En was kicking himself for that one and Ogawa is starting to get very worried. En wasnt ready to make the same mistake twice and this time HE FUCKING BEATS OGAWA and everyone was going FUCKING CRAZY! En has this huge smile on his face and is cheering like crazy and Ogawa is just face down on the cab, wollowing in his defeat. Poor guy looked really upset. Right after that, Ogawa's team had to fight Sharon's team. This time they put Ogawa first in hopes to OCV the team since if theres a tie in wins/loses between 2 teams, they break ties based on how many mathces each team won or lost during each set. First match was Inoue vs Ogawa. Ogawa wins the 1st round but you can see that he is struggling, losing to En seems to have sorta broken his spirit. The 2nd round Ogawa GETS PERFECTED BY INOUE'S TESTAMENET! Inoue keeps it going strong and BEATS OGAWA 3rd ROUND! Not only that... but Inoue proceeds to beat Mike and then Asaha resulting in him OCVING OGAWA'S TEAM! The next match is En team vs Oppai team. Mugen goes first and beats Oppai and Taku. At this point I had 5 minutes till the last train was going to leave so I had to go unfortunately. I said goodbye to Matt and Axel and wished him a safe flight back to Singapore next week. Matt told me he would send me updates on my phone as to who wins. I got to the train platform 1 minute before my train left. Shortly after getting on the train, Matt informed me that Mugen also beat Chikusa for the OCV. Up next was Oppai team vs Ogawa team. Mike loses the first match to Taku but Ogawa manages to then OCV their whole team. The last match was En team vs Sharon team. Mugen beats everyone except Inoue but then Limekey finishes it nicely. En/Mugen/Limekey have done the unthinkable and have defeated Ogawa's team and are now bound for SBO!

I pretty much slept the entire way home as I was exchausted and could barely even stay awake during the tournament. I recieved a reply from Shiratori who was unable to enter this weekend but he said that he wants to team up with me next weekend for the tournaments that will begin the B-6 block and will be held in the prefecture of Ibaraki, which is east of Tochigi. Our 3rd member is still undecided but there are many good people we can team with. I will discuss it with Shiratori later and we will most likely form another beastly Inaka team. This time im gonna be fucking serious, no drinking all night, gonna get lots of sleep and play tons of casuals before the tournament. I have every intention of winning next weekend! I just checked the location and its about an hour and 15 minutes from Shinjuku by train so I will probably still go to Tokyo but I plan to focus on practicing more and less on drinking. There will be a Tokyo qualifier starting the C-3 block next weekend at the same time so some of the good teams will be at that one instead. This might be my chance! Stay tuned!

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