Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rebel 1, ACTION!

I headed right for Vegas on Friday night after arriving in Shinjuku. They now head 4 GGAC cabs instead of 5, but next to them they now also had 2 brand new BlazBlue cabs (the nice ones on the HD wide screens). The price was set at 100 yen for 3/5 rounds. Matt and Rod (Honnou) were already there. Rod was playing some AC and Matt was playing BB. Matt decided he was gonna main Noel and played the game a bit the day before (the first day it was out). There were several people playing but it wasnt like crazy packed and didnt take too long to get a turn in. I decided I was gonna go with Rachel because I liked how she played from when I tried her at SBO on the test version. My first match was vs a Jin player. Lots of people already knew some decent combos and stuff and this particular Jin player (along with many others) liked to abuse this freeze reset gimmick. You can mash out of it but when you arnt used to the game it can fuck you up. The most played characters at Vegas that night were Noel and Jin. Most of the cast wasnt even being used. Basically I played a few games at Vegas and wasnt used to the game at all yet and didnt know what linked into what etc (aside from a few basic bread and butter combos I saw online). Its a bit hard to test stuff out when you are getting rushed down mercilessly and dont know which way to block certain things yet. I got beat up pretty bad on all my matches at Vegas. I wanted to try to just mess around against the computer in arcade mode to just get a feel for shit.

I suggested to Matt that we check out some other places to see where else they have the game and if we can find a place that was less busy. We decided to go check out Mikado real quick since its a 30 second walk from Vegas. Rod opted to stay at Vegas cuz he was still playing GG (and hadnt even tried BB yet) so we told him we would be back. Mikado actually had 2 cabinets for BB as well, to my surprise! I heard rumors a while back that Mikado was going to go out of business soon but I doubt thats the case anymore if they just bought 2 BB boards. They had the game running on regular cabinets and since the game is made for wide screen, it was condensed a bit, so the sprites looked taller and thinner than they are supposed to, but its not that noticable and you get used to it fast. The cabs here were also 100 yen to play but only set for 2/3 rounds. There were people playing there as well and no real chance to play arcade mode. However, at some point, Matt won a match and I was able to play against him for a while. He allowed me to try out a few things real fast and I ended up testing out a few various characters such as Arakune, Litchi, Taokaka, and Jin. I didnt really get to try much out other than feeling how they play slightly and seeing what all their moves and normals are. I decided to just stick with Rachel and focus on learning her, at least until I get a better feel for the game.

After playing there a bit longer, we went back to Vegas. Rod tried the game out for his first time. I think he picked Litchi but didnt really know what he was doing either. I decided I had enough BB for the night and would wait till tomorrow when I could probly sit down in the morning and actually learn some things first. I played some gear and it felt a bit weird going back to it. I played a few people and won but I felt off. Then I lost to some random dude in a close match and Rod wanted to play me. I played him in a game vs his I-no and totally brain farted and lost. After that I got re adjusted to AC and did fine and won several games in a row. It was already late and we were hungry so we decided to get food. As we were leaving we didnt see Matt anywhere so we just headed out. I sent him an email on my phone telling him we were gonna go eat at Sukiya near Current. We got there and started eating and eventually Matt showed up. He said he was playing BB but I guess we missed him somehow. After eating we went to Current.

It was an average size crowd for a Friday night. Not many regulars were there (which is probably since the next day is Sushi's birthday party and everyone will come Saturday instead). Sushi, Masami, and Mogi were working, and Ayami was there. Shortly after I arrived, Sushi just out of no where, gave me a still in its original packaging, Dream Theater Chaos in Motion live DVD/CD and said I could barrow it. I have no idea why he had this still in its original factory wrapping but I had no problem barrowing it since Ive never seen the whole thing yet. Sushi is the man. There were these 2 guys from Finland there on vacation who were not at all connected to the regular group of Fins. We chatted with them a bit on and off. Also, Rod's friend Tim came. This was the first time I met him before. He's a stoner from Canada. He reminds me a lot of some of my old friends back in Chicago. We talked a lot about various things and hes a totally cool guy. He said he actually visited Chicago before and really liked it and said the people there were surprisingly friendly. Chicago ownz. Bosch was there DJing and for some reason he was just playing all kinds of really shitty fucking music all night. Like mostly pop and stuff for whatever reason. At one point he even played Hanson.... yes... Hanson. I dont know WTF he was thinking. Its kinda sad when the best song that is played all night (that wasnt requested by one of us) is The Scatman... We stayed till closing and it was a pretty typical night. After that, Rod headed home but Matt, Tim, and I went to PSY.

Typical PSY at 5 am stuff going on. A few people there with Request Man bartending. Heidi and Anna were there and they said they were returning to Norway on Sunday, so this is probably the last time I will see Anna, maybe ever. Anna was getting all cuz I guess she was drunk, and the fact that she was leaving soon was really sinking in. They also had a friend with them who I thought was this French chick we met at PSY before but it turned out to be someone else. Tim liked the place and we all had a good time just chilling out, drinking, and requesting some songs. They closed around 6 as usual and as we were leaving, Tim wanted to keep drinking, haha! We were gonna grab some food and Tim suggested we get some beers from the convenient store. So we went in there and got some beers, except Matt also bought some spaghetti. We were still planning to get McDonalds breakfast but I guess Matt misunderstood so he ended up just bringing his spaghetti inside McDonalds, while Tim and I got some food there. We were sitting and drinking our beers and eating our food. Matt finished his spaghetti really fast but then suddenly he got up all fast and headed for the bathroom. As he was entering the door, we could see him putting his hand over his mouth. It was obvious he was about to see that Spaghetti again! He came back after a bit saying he infact did throw up. He said he totally wrecked the sink in there lol! I went in there to check it out, and the entire sink was just full of spaghetti vomit. However, it almost just looked like regular spaghetti. I dont think he even chewed the stuff! I took a picture and showed Tim and he had a good laugh. Then after a while, Matt made another dash for the bathroom. This time he was in there for a long time so I went to go check on him. The bathroom stall door was closed so I figured he was in there. I asked if he was sleeping and after a brief pause, I heard him drunkenly say "uh... yea probably..." haha. He opened the door and looked like crap and was like proping himself above the toilet against the wall and looked half dead haha. He eventually collected himself and made it out of the bathroom and the 3 of us left McDonalds. Matt and Tim headed for the train station and I went to the manga kissa.

The next day I woke up and realized I set my alarm an hour later than I intended and ended up having to pay 300 yen for the extra hour of sleep, but its alright I guess cuz extra sleep never hurts. I wanted to get up a bit earlier though in hopes to find an unmanned BB cab to practice on. I headed to Vegas since its right across from the manga kissa and there were already a small group of people playing on the cabs. I played a quick match against a Jin player but got beat up kinda bad. I looked on the other side and it was Inoue.

I checked out Mikado and there were people playing over there too. I was hungry and wanted to get some food, so I walked over to Wendy's for a quick bite and then got a cigar for later at the nearby cigar shop. On the way to Wendys, I stopped by Shinjuku Sportsland since its on the way. I was surprised and pleased to see that Sportsland had 3 BB cabs on 3/5 rounds for 100 yen. Basically the same as Vegas but they have one more cab, except at Sportsland they only have 1 nice cab and 2 old cabs. They now only had 2 GGAC cabs at Sportsland down from the previous 6. It seems that Sportsland will end up being a good place to play casuals for BB regularly. Just as all the other places, Sportsland was also full of people playing. There wasnt much time left until the GGAC tournament at Vegas was to start, so I continued on my way and got some food. After eating at Wendys I used their bathroom. Since Matt doesnt live in Nakano in his apartment anymore, I cant easily take a shower. Wendys has a nice big sink in their bathroom (which is a single person use bathroom with a sink and toilet and they have 2 of them) and I brought some shampoo, so I took like a couple minutes to wash my hair since its a long weekend. After washing my hair and changing my clothes, which took about 5 minutes, I kinda had to take a dump, but I figured there were people possibly waiting to use the bathroom and I didnt wanna be an asshole. I figured I could just hold it till I got to Vegas so I left without taking a shit. As soon as I left Wendys I began to regret my decision. I suddenly had a sharp pain and could feel that shit just ready to burst! I tried to walk a bit fast and did my best to hold it in. Vegas is about 5 or 10 minutes from Wendys depending on how many intersections you have to wait for the light at and how crowded the street is. About half way to Vegas it felt like an elephant was fucking me in the ass. I just prayed that the toilet at Vegas was not in use since they only have one in the mens room (aside fromt he 2 urinals). When I finally made it to Vegas I was so happy when the toilet stall door opened and I quickly sat down and it just exploded right out! I think it was easily like one of the top 3 best shits I ever took in my life. After cleaning up the aftermath I went over to check out the GGAC cabs which were moved in the back corner for the tournament.

A good ammount of people were there for the tournament and I played some casuals in order to warm up. I did well, winning a few and lost in a close match to a Robo-Ky. I promised Rod I would team up with him (todays tourny was a 2 on 2) so I mailed him and asked him if he was on his way since it was gonna start soon. He got back to me quick and said he was on his way there. While I waited I signed up our team as "Pretty Maids" named after the band, in which they always play at Current that Rod has recently come to like. I think a total of about 18 or 20 teams or so entered the tournament. There were some pretty buff players there such as H.H, Mugen, Osaka B, Inoue, Taku, Sadouu, Basara, Lyrical Lit, and others. Baim was there as she always is for Vegas tournaments but just watched instead of entering.

Rod showed up and we played a few casuals against people and then the tournament started. We were one of the first teams to play. Our first match was against a team of Ky and May. Everyone knows I hate May but I told Rod ill do my best. I won RPS and let my opponents pick their character first. They put Ky first and I generally do very well against most Kys so I told Rod I would just go first. I ended up beating the Ky with not much trouble both rounds. Up next was May. I played pretty solid and just zoned her out and she really couldnt get in on me. The guy had a decent May but wasnt extremely exceptional or anything and I was able to pull off a victory! While waiting for our next match, I saw Basara and Taku play a Slayer mirror match. Taku emerged victorious and shortly after, they called our next match, which was to be against Taku and Sadouu (hes the green Johnny player I had mentioned in recent weeks that I played lots of casuals against). These guys are both really buff. Sadouu has a great Johnny but in casuals I usually go about even with him. I was a bit unsure about Taku. This time Rod went first with his I-no against Sadouu's Johnny. He put forth a good effort and the rounds were fairly close but Rod wasnt able to take him out. I went next and the first round was a bit ugly. I sucked it up and manged to win the next 2 rounds! Up next was Taku. He had a 17 win streak before the tournament that went undefeated so I knew he was on his game today. I played really solid and we both won 1 round. For the final round, I got him down to like a pixel of health but then he started to make a comeback. He got me in a combo and comboed into his air super and after it hit, I had like a pixel of health left myself. I thought it was the end since he could combo after with a jab or something, but after doing the super he landed on top of the mini Potemkin that was crawling around on the ground below and I won! After the match I shook both their hands and apolagized for the lucky mini Po, hah. We were now in the final 4 of the tournament. For our next match, I looked and saw that it was vs Dizzy and HOS. I figured thats cool cuz I know those matchups fairly well, but then I looked at the player names and it ended up being H.H and Inoue. Blah... They told us they didnt even care about playing RPS and just told us we could choose the side and Inoue got on the cab right away. I told Rod to just go first and do his best. He tried, but Inoue was just too much for him. I hung in there a bit but he took me down as well. I really wanted to beat him cuz every single time ive played Inoue in a tournament Ive lost (and he was the one who beat me in my very first tournament upon arriving in Japan as well), but unfortunately today was more of the same in that regard. After we lost, we were about to leave, but the tournament organizer told us to wait because even though we were out, we had to play one more match to decide who gets 3rd place. We had to fight a team of Dizzy and Ky. I didnt know who they were cuz I didnt check the sheet. Rod went first against Dizzy and lost. I went next and lost the first round, but managed to win the next 2. I had high hopes against the red Ky player who was next, and it was kinda close, but he proved to be much tougher than I was expecting and squeezed in some clutch shit that really caught me off guard and I lost, so we ended up getting 4th place... which I guess is not bad but still not good enough. I checked the sheet afterwords and it turned out that the Ky player was Lyrical Lit, so I guess I dont feel AS bad as I would if he was just some random Ky. (By the way, Inoue and HH won the tournament)

After that, Rod and I said bye to Baim on the way out, and decided to go to Sportsland to check out the BB action going on there. Lots of people were there playing. Shoot was there and just got off work. He told me that he will probably play as Ragna, and he told me that Ogawa is playing Carl. I played a few games there but didnt win any. There was also this blue Rachel player who was beasting really hard. I played him in a mirror match and took a round but lost. When I looked on the other side of the cab, it turned out to be Kazuki. H.H is also playing Rachel. It seems like most of the Dizzy player will become Rachel players. Before leaving Sportsland, Rod wanted to play some oldschool Alien vs Preditor (the old beat-em-up) so we played some 2 player action of that which was pretty fun. After dying on what I think was like stage 5 or something, we decided to head out and check out Club Sega Shinjuku to see what their BB situation was.

Club Sega Shinjuku also had 3 cabs, except all 3 of their cabs were the old ones, and they only had it set on 2/3 rounds for 100 yen. We also noticed that they had a tournament posted for BB in 2 weeks from now! Pretty early after the game coming out, but ill probably go hit it up anyway. They also have a TvC tournament scheduled for next month. MIU was working and asked if I already ended my GG career but I told him that wasnt the case. I asked him who he plans to use and he said he has hardly played the game yet. He didnt seem very excited about it. Rod and I played against various people for a bit and I got my first taste of a good Tager player. I was getting worked pretty bad and felt pretty lost in the matchup. Eventually there was a cab that opened up and I was actually able to go through arcade mode finally! I used this opportunity to test out various things like seeing what normals link into what, experiment with move properties, and try out some combos. I felt like I learned way more in this short time playing the computer than I had so far the entire weekend. I made it to Hakumen (the sub boss) and died.

There was some Sol player there playing AC (they had 2 AC cabs going now) and Rod lost to him, so I decided to try it out. I beat him and then he switched to Millia and I lost. Eventually I ended up playing a few more people and getting a small streak and then some Anji player who I beat earlier really bad played me again. Rod suggested I try to beat him on pogo stance only but it proved to be much harder. Pogo stance only is pretty hard to do against Anji. We were gonna leave after this match so I just played really half ass and let the guy beat me so he could keep his credit.

We stopped at Saizerya to get some food and then decided it was time to go to Current. I recieved a mail from Matt a few hours ago but didnt notice it cuz I hadnt checked my phone. I replied and told him to just meet us at Current. We got to Current kinda early, maybe at like 10 or so. There was a good amount of people there already but it wasnt crazy packed yet. We knew that for an event like Sushi's birthday party that it was gaurnteed to get crazy later on though. A good amount of the regulars ended up coming as well as a shit ton of people I never met before. Matt's girlfriend Akiko was there too and she played several battles of Pokemon on the DS against Rod. Nick was sitting with us as well. I think by about midnight it was just rediculously packed to the point where it was hard to even get from one end of the bar to the other. Tomoko was there with her friend Mai (different Mai than the regular Mai but she was there too), and they were dancing hardcore like all night non stop. Tomoko is a fucking dancing machine and was soaking wet with sweat. Rod and her spent quite a good deal of time dancing together and talking. When Antti and his Finnish crew showed up, I went to go shake the Snus Man's hand and he just put a fresh pack of snus in my hand instead, and then he shook my hand. Elisha showed up as well. At some point, Elisha convinced Matt to dance with her. Akiko saw this and got jealous so she burned matt with a cigarrette! Looks like hes got quite a possessive girlfriend on his hands haha!

For most of the night it was typical Current awsomeness with people dancing and talking and drinking. It didnt get as crazy as some of the past events like Mogi's birthday or Halloween, but it was still great times. They had several people DJ throughout the night. At some point, Sushi told me I could DJ for a little while.
My set was:
Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid!
ACDC - Thunderstruck
Stratovarius - The Kiss of Judas
Muse - Time is Running Out (requested by Rod)
Pretty Maids - Savage Heart

I only DJed for about 20 minutes but it was fun. At one point I went outside in front for a minute to get some fresh air and I was talking with one of the metal event regular guys. At some point, the Snus Man comes out there too and we started having a conversation about health and drinking. The Snus Man was trying to say that drinking is bad for your liver. In Japanese, Liver is Kanzou. Instead of saying Kanzou, he said Kancho, which means enema, and is also the act of putting your hands together and shoving them into someones anal region (often done by school children as a prank, though luckily for me, I have never recieved a kancho from any of my students). We had a good laugh at his mistake and tried to correct him but he kept saying it wrong anyway lol! Later one when The Snus Man was ready to leave, I said goodbye to him and he gave me 2 more fresh packs of Snus! I was like, "dude thank you but at least let me pay for it or something" and hes like "ive got like 40 packs at home, dont worry about it". The Snus Man is legendary!

After the party died down and it was time to go to PSY again. Matt and Akiko had left earlier to go get it on at a love hotel. Nick was tired so he went home. I went to PSY with Rod and a few other people. I dont remember much there, I was pretty drunk. I think I fell asleep for a little bit before they closed. After leaving there I said goodbye to everyone and then went to the manga kissa again.

Sunday morning I woke up and headed to Vegas again. A few people were playing BB again and I decided to use my new discovered knowledge I obtained from arcade mode in some matches. I ended up actually getting 5 wins in a row which was pretty cool. I eventually lost to a Jin player but it worked out well because Rod and I had made plans to meet up in Harajuku to go eat Shakeys Pizza all you can eat Lunch Buffet since we didnt end up doing it last weekend.

I got to Harajuku and eventually I met Rod in front of the station and we headed to Shakeys. 4 other friends of Rods were there; some of them were the same people I had met last weekend when we ate together at that resturaunt above the Pachinko place near Vegas. We all enjoyed a damn good meal and ate tons of food. There were these 2 hot chicks sitting at the table next to us when we got sat down, and one of them had a skirt that on the back said "for backdoor use only" lol! I wonder if she even knows what that means.

After Shakeys, everyone else had plans to go see some Larc En Ciel cover band concert. They invited me to come, but I declined because I had plans to go to the Club Sega Akihabara GGAC tournament going on today. I said bye to them and Rod said he would meet up again with me later after the show.

I wasnt sure what time the tournament was scheduled to start but I figured I would be alright. I got to Akihabara at about 4:15 and the tournament was scheduled to start at 5. Good timing. Matt mailed me saying he was on his way. Club Sega Akihabara ended up getting 5 BB cabs! They are all in old cabs though at 2/3 rounds. Club Sega has the most cabs out of any place ive seen but the value of playing there isnt as good. its going to be a good place to play for people who are very good at the game. They only have 4 GGAC cabs now. I cant believe they used to have 11 cabs and now only have 4. Times change I guess. Tons of people were playing BB. FAB was there playing as Tager (big surprise there!) and just obliterating people already! Both Mugen and Osaka B are Carl players and Mugen was already looking pretty beastly too. I only played one match of BB the whole time we were there cuz I wanted to focus on the GGAC tournament. I practiced with some warmup games and got like a 12 win streak but then I had to go register for the tournament so I just got up and left my credit and lost my turn. There were no extra people so Matt and I entered as a 2 man team (todays tournament was a 3 on 3).

When the tournamet started, our lucky asses had to fight Mugen/Taku/someone else first match. Mugen's team all played RPS against eachother to decide who would go first on their team. Taku won the honor. Matt went first against Taku and got beat up pretty bad. Matt had been playing BB the whole time and didnt play any GGAC warmup matches and was lookin kinday rusty. I now had to face Taku again and he was thirsty for revenge from yesterday. I lost the first round but won the 2nd round. The 3rd round I made several key execution mistakes and it realy just fucked me bad and I died. Slayer isnt very forgiving when you make a mistake.

After losing, we decided to go check out Hey! and this one other arcade in the area to see how their BB situation was. Hey! had 3 cabs but they were also 2/3 100 yen a play. I think the other place had 2 with the same deal. I suggested to Matt that we head back to Shinjuku to play some more there.

We hit up Sportsland for a bit and the comp was pretty beastly. I wanted to find a place I could practice a litte in arcade mode again before taking on the giants. We eventually made our way over to Club Sega Shinjuku to check it out since last time worked well. This time there were no open cabs and lots of people playing. We saw MIU again and said hi. We didnt stay there long and I came up with the idea of checking out Shinjuku Joybox. Since its a smaller and more low key arcade, I thought it may be a good idea. On the way there though, we passed by some other small arcades called Frontier and Spot 21 which are next to eachother. I checked out Frontier while Matt checked Spot 21. Frontier didnt have the game, so I went over to Spot 21, and it ended up having one cab for 100 a play but on 3/5 rounds. This seemed like a decent place to play for a bit since it was less expensive. The comp there wasnt all that beastly so we got some good practice in there for a while. Eventually we decided to go to Joybox to check it out.

When we arrived at Joybox, we were very pleased to find that they had one cab of the game, but it was only 50 yen to play! This is the first (and at this point, only) place ive seen that has 50 yen BB! MIU was actually there too, talking with the staff there. He often goes there after work to chill out and play since its down the street from his work. MIU played a quick game as Ragna against some random Noel player but he lost. He obviously has little to no experience with the game yet. He left a little while after that, but Matt and I stayed and played with the Noel player. After the Noel player eventually left, Matt and I were able to play some games against eachother for a while and Rod showed up after a while too. The 3 of us played there for quite some time actually. Matt was mostly dominating since he has the most experience playing. Rod discovered Iron Tager and was doing pretty well with him. I was having lots of execution problems and was starting to get sorta aggitated but it was mostly due to not being used to the timing of certain things yet. We ended up playing there till like 1:30 am! The place was supposed to close at 12 but the guy just let us keep playing. We pumped a lot of money in that machine so I guess he didnt mind staying open. At one point, the D button broke one of the sides and he even fixed it for us like instantly! Rod was planning on taking the last train home but we played for so long that it was already gone, so the 3 of us went drinking!

We went to Current again and this time it was pretty dead. Mogi, Masami, Sushi, and Chip were there, along with this hot chick with pig tails who has star tatoos on her lower back that was there the night before as well, plus a few various guys I dont know but see there on occasion. For a little while, Matt, Rod, and I just sat at a table and talked about BB stuff and then eventually the conversation ended up shifting to women and sex. Then Matt decided to show us this video he took on his cellphone of his girlfriend lighting her pubes on fire with a lighter... LOL! His girlfriend is kinda a freak haha.

We eventually all made our way up to the bar, and then I requested a song, and Sushi was like, you should just play DJ for a while. Im like, fuck yea! I spent the rest of the night DJing. While I was DJing, Sushi gave everyone in the bar a free shot of this awsome Finnish vodka just cuz hes a nice guy. I dont remember everything I played but I think it was like:
Symphony X - The Edge of Forever
Children of Bodom - Silent Night Bodom Night
ACDC - Its a Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock and Roll
Sentenced - Brief is the Light
Korpiklani - Tapporauta
Queen - Hammer To Fall
Nightwish - Elvenpath
Alice Cooper - Let It Rain
Dream Theater - Another Day
Eagles - Desperado (requested by Matt)
Led Zeppelin - Babe Im Gonna Leave You

...and with that last song, it was closing time, and Rod, Matt, and I headed for PSY once again.

PSY was the same as usual. That one French Chick we met there before was there, and it was actually her this time. I spent most of the time there just talking to her. We drank till closing and it was good times. Once again we got some food after leaving and then headed our own respective ways.

I woke up once again a the manga kissa wishing I had a bed to sleep in. I got some Wendys and then headed back over to Joybox so I could spend a good deal of the day practicing. Some random dude was there playing and I beat him and then he left. I then had hours to play by myself and went through arcade mode about 6 or 7 times. I was able to explore a lot of stuff and figure out how a lot of stuff for Rachel works. It was nice to just practice getting my execution down and getting used to the feel of the game. After I felt like I had enough training, I decided to go play some matches.

It was raining and I didnt have an umbrella so I didnt wanna walk far. I ended up going to Spot 21 again. I stayed for maybe about 2 hours and within this time, several people were in and out. This one Ragna player was there and I managed to beat him on my 2nd try. This was the first Ragna player I ever fought. There were also like 4 other Rachel players...wtf! I beat a few of them in mirror matches, but then the Ragna got back on and he ended just beasting and had like a 30 win streak against everyone. I was kinda getting pissed off cuz I managed to beat him once already but then couldnt do it again. He was just rushing me down all hard and I was getting hit but didnt understand why. He also can use that dash punch special move and it seems to beat just about everything with Rachel that I have. Once he gets that out he can just get in on me for free and pressure me hardcore. I eventually got used to how to block him and ended his win streak and then he just left. After beating a few other people, the comp died down and I finished Arcade mode again. Then I got a mail from Rod and he said he was gonna come play so I went back to Joybox. I played against Rod for about 2 hours and did generally well. I think we both learned a good ammount from playing eachother in this session. I would generally win 2 or 3 or so and then Rod would win 1. He played mostly Tager but also played a little Litchi. You can see some of the matches of me vs Rod here. They were taping but I had no idea it was going to be online.

As it got near to the time I had to leave, we stopped by Wendys where I got some food for the road, and then we walked to the station where we parted ways. Overall it was a fun weekend and it was great to be able to enjoy playing a new game. BlazBlue seems like a solid game and I cant wait to get good at it.

EPILOGUE contributed by Rod

"a few more details:
ayami passed the fuck out
akiko is going into intensive pokemon training to get revenge on me, she ended up only losing last time cos she used earthquake which hits every pokemon in a team battle but one of hers was electric (weak against ground) and didnt levitate or anything, so she one hit KO'd herself there.
that guy natsume at PSY was dir en greys friend, lol we know lots of people now who know dir en grey in "various" ways.
thats about it...good weekend!

P.S. BTW last night I met a friend at Juke 80's bar in Nakano, and Sushi was randomly there! He was with this lady Yukino, and I was like WHOAH! and at first Sushi thought it was just someone that looked at me, but he recognized me and bought me a beer, then 2 more later!!! Afterwards we all went to this place, Rock bar ASYLUM in nakano which was basically a Jackson browne shrine! They had a lot of place to sit and 2-3 acoustics and 2 electric guitars. Nice place. really random night. "

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the slayers name is Taku, not Haku! Watch it!

a few more details:
ayami passed the fuck out
akiko is going into intensive pokemon training to get revenge on me, she ended up only losing last time cos she used earthquake which hits every pokemon in a team battle but one of hers was electric (weak against ground) and didnt levitate or anything, so she one hit KO'd herself there.
that guy natsume at PSY was dir en greys friend, lol we know lots of people now who know dir en grey in "various" ways.
thats about it...good weekend!

P.S. BTW last night I met a friend at Juke 80's bar in Nakano, and Sushi was randomly there! He was with this lady Yukino, and I was like WHOAH! and at first Sushi thought it was just someone that looked at me, but he recognized me and bought me a beer, then 2 more later!!! Afterwards we all went to this place, Rock bar ASYLUM in nakano which was basically a Jackson browne shrine! They had a lot of place to sit and 2-3 acoustics and 2 electric guitars. Nice place. really random night.