Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend With the Missus

This weekend, my girlfriend, Ryoko, had Friday and Saturday off work, so we made plans to go to Tokyo together on Friday night. Earlier in the day, she went to Maebashi (one of the cities in southern Gunma) to meet up with her aunt and do some shopping. She was supposed to come to my apartment at around 5 so that we could go from there together to ride the train. However, she was running late due to bad traffic. She said that she might be able to make it to a different train station closer to her house and I could just meet her on the train, so I told her to hurry and just do her best. I told her I would just board the train and if she didnt make it on time I would just get off at the station where she was gonna get on and wait for her there and we could take the next train. Turns out she was still stuck in traffic so I got off at Gokan station and told her I would wait for her at Funayado, a bar/izakaya right by the station and told her to meet me there. She said she would be there in about 10 mins.

When I walked in, I was the only one there except for the owner. I ordered a huge beer and some food for us. Shortly after, this one old guy walked in who is there sometimes. Ryoko ended up getting there pretty late. Traffic ended up being really bad, and in addition, she stopped home first to get some stuff. We ended up only having about 20 minutes till the next train and didnt really wanna rush eating the food I got so we just ended up deciding to take the NEXT train which didnt leave the station till a little after 8 pm. We were talking with the old man most of the time and he ended up ordering all us all this beer and food. He even bought us an order of fugu (Japanese puffer fish, you know what im talkin about if you ever watched that season 2 ep of the Simpsons where Homer thinks hes gonna die). That stuff is pretty expensive and really tasty. In the end, he picked up our entire tab which was probably well over 5000 yen! Pretty lucky shit right there. I told him I would pay it but he insisted... nothing could be done but its all good!

From there we took the train to Tokyo together. Ryoko was all gung ho about drinking some more on the train (she already drank a lot in a short period of time and she usually cant drink very much either). We started watching Battle Royale on my PSP together and then she had to make a few trips to the bathroom. Her period just started the day before and I guess all the drinking didnt go well with it. So for most of the trip to Tokyo she ended up just sleeping with her head on my shoulder while I watched the rest of the movie.

When we arrived in Shinjuku at about 11 pm, she felt better than she did before. We headed right for Current and Rod, Matt, and Matt's girlfriend Akiko were there waiting for us. A few other people were there as well. We spent most of the night just talking and stuff at our table, dancing around being drunk and having a good time. Heidi came too and we talked to her for a while. At some point this one really tall long haired metal dude started talking to her for most of the night.

At around 5 am when it was closing time, we all decided to go to karaoke together. At this point, Ryoko wasnt feeling so well again but wanted to go anyway. She ended up sleeping for a while at first and told me to wake her up after a little bit. After she did eventually wake up she felt much better. We all sang a lot of songs and drank a ton more booze and ended up staying there for like 2 and a half hours.

After that, Rod went home, while Matt, Akiko, Ryoko, and I went to Okubo to try to find some love hotels to stay at for the night. Luckily we found a good place pretty fast, it was only 5000 yen for the night and they said we could stay until 5 pm! We checked in and went into our seperate rooms and then some stuff happened that I wont go into detail about on my blog and eventually we went to sleep.

Ryoko woke up a little before I did and took a nice bath. She then woke me up and I took a shower while she did her hair and all that other stuff that girls take lots of time doing. Eventually Matt and Akiko were ready to so they stopped by our room. While I was waiting for Ryoko to finish getting ready, I was flipping through the TV channels on the TV in our room and there was this really weird show on. It was just a public restroom and it had a locked toilet stall, a urinal, a drain on the ground, and a sink. It showed various women who had to use the toilet knocking on the locked stall door and waiting to pee. The first girl waited a bit, tried to look under the door and eventually grew impatient. She then took off her skirt and panties, propped her leg up over the urinal and pissed right into it! LOL! Then they had another chick who waited a little while but also grew impatient. This girl, for whatever reason, decided to squat down and just pee in the drain on the floor... which I guess wouldnt have been too odd, except she didnt take off her panties! She was just letting it drip through her panties and slowly seep through into the drain! This was pretty weird, and then she takes off her panties AFTER peeing through them and washed them in the sink. Then another girl went in there and did THE EXACT SAME THING! I dont know if this was like a legit hidden camera thing or just some sick amatuer fetish video but it was pretty hilarous! They of course, cenceored out the crotch area but you could still see what was going on pretty easy. We all had a good laugh at the video and then it was time to go.

We were all hungry so we went to a Korean resturaunt where the food and service ended up being kinda so-so. From there, we had plans to go to the Yebisu brewery! We took the train out there and walked for a while and eventually we made it there. Unfortunately the tour hours ended at like 6 pm or something and it was just around 6 pm at that point. We had just enough time to just go into the front lobby and look at some of the merchandise they were selling. I bought a Yebisu T-shirt and we took a few pictures. Oh well, maybe I can check it out again sometime now that I know the business hours.

From there we headed back to Shinjuku. We got some Hagendaaz icecream. After that, we were gonna hit up PSY for a bit but they werent open yet, so instead we went into a sex toy store and looked around. We looked at some ammusing stuff and eventually the old man who works there asked us what we were looking for. We said we werent looking for anything in particular, and then he told us "kaere!" which basically means get the fuck out! Nice customer service... After that, we went inside this one nearby petshop to look at puppies and kittens and Ryoko was swooning over all the cute dogs. There was this awsome french bulldog. It was all white and it had just a little black fur between his nose and his lip and it totally looked like a littler Hitler mustache, LOL! From there, we went to an izakaya for like 2 hours and drank ate and talked. Once 9 pm rolled around, it was time for Ryoko to head back to Gunma cuz she had to work on Sunday. Akiko was gonna go home too. The 4 of us walked to the station, Matt and I said goodbye to our girlfriends and then the 2 of us headed right to Vegas to finally get my first games in for the weekend!

Matt told me that him and Rod had played earlier on Friday night at Vegas and that Matt got a win against FABs Potemkin in casuals. He seemed pretty happy about that. Tonight there was a good ammount of comp once again. Since I had already been drinking and hadnt played yet all weekend, I wasnt playing that great, mostly my execution was just pretty terrible. I started off by losing to a Venom player cuz I ran into my own bomb due to an input error. I played him again and lost again in a close match. Then I saw FAB lose to the same Venom player in a really close one so I didnt feel as bad. I tried one more time and lost to him again. Then I played a mirror match vs Osaka B. I won the first 2 rounds but then lost the next 3 and they were all super close. After that Kawin (spikey hair potemkin) was there and he saw my Children of Bodom shirt and we started having a conversation about metal. Hes a huge metal head and espesially likes death metal. He was showing me some stuff on his MP3 player and we were talking about some bands and stuff and then FAB walks by and Kawin was like, FAB doesnt know anything about metal. So then I asked FAB what kinda music he listens to and he sorta paused. I asked him if he likes game music and eventually Kawin was just like, he listens to J-pop! Heheh, I was just like, thats fine, no problem. FAB looked sorta embarresed heh.
After that, I went back to playing. I fought some Potemkin and lost in a close game. I looked at who it was and it was Basara playing Po. I was like... yea... I aint losing to his Po... so I played him again and won. After that, I beat a Sol player 3 times in a row and then lost to some Slayer. I then rematched the Slayer and won but then Basara played me with his Slayer and I lost to him like 4 times in a row. Almost every single round I lost, it was due to my own execution. Stupid stuff like hitting him with a counter hit 6 HS and then doing a pogo but then the pogo completely just not coming out at all, or stuff like air dashing into my own bomb cuz my super jump came out as a normal jump and stuff like that. I was getting kinda annoyed cuz I really hate losing to Basara after what happened last year with the whole SBO team thing. It was already about 11 pm so Matt and I agreed to just go to Current, I was determed to play serious all day tomorrow anyway so whatever.

Current had a Party Hard night so lots of regulars came out. Rod eventually showed up too. This was the first time I had seen Chip since before I went back to the US for winter break, so it was cool to see him again. This one dude who was there the night before, his nickname is ThrashMetal, was there again. He was asking me about Ryoko. He was like, "was that cute girl with the really big boobs your girlfriend?" Im like.. "yea..." and hes like, "ooh you are lucky!" hah. Then he was asking about Matts GF. He asked how old she was and Matt told him to guess. He guessed 23 and Matt was shocked cuz Akiko is actually 30. Its too hard to tell the real age of Japanese girls sometimes. SPG Chris was also there and he was talking with some chick I never seen before. They left the bar together pretty early but he wanted to meet us later at PSY for more drinking. We also ended up talking to the tall long haired metal dude from the night before who was talking with Heidi last night. I forgot his name, but hes from Norway and here studying Japanese. He was a pretty cool guy. At some point, the entire bar ended up singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen in unison which was pretty epic. Overall it was a really good night at Current.

After they closed at 5, Rod, Matt, and I went to PSY. Chris called and wanted us to go drinking at this izakaya where that one chick he was trying to get with works cuz they had cheap beer. We told him maybe after going to PSY we would go there. When we got to PSY, there were just these 2 guys there at the bar and the owner working. Rod had bought the Tougeki SBO 2k3 GGXX DVD. PSY has a big flat screen TV on the wall that they use to show music videos or live concert DVDs. Rod asked the guy to put the DVD on at the bar with the sound off and he was totally ok with it! So we spent the next hour at PSY requesting awsome music and watching GGXX SBO matches on the big screen TV getting drunker! It was pretty awsome. It also turns out that one of the guys who was sitting at the bar used to play GG many years ago so he was pretty familiar with the game. ThrashMetal showed up with Kunko and Mai later too and they thought it was pretty funny that we were watching that there. After they closed at 6, we were pretty tired so we didnt end up going drinking with Chris. We got some drunken McDonalds breakfast. Rod headed home, Matt and I went to the manga kissa for sleep.

The next day we woke up and just went to Vegas cuz its right next to the manga kissa. There werent many people there yet but a few were playing. I decided to play some BlazBlue since I didnt play it yet this weekend. There were 2 guys playing on seperate cabs, and both were playing as v-13 against the computer. This is the first time ive seen v-13 in action since she was just unlocked earlier this week. I played against one of the v-13 players for several games. The guy I was playing against turned out to be Vegas Pink Axl on his break. I lost the first few games because it was my first time fighting this character (controlled by a human anyway) so I didnt quite know what was going on. I did fairly well in general though and eventually won. After that VPA had to go back to work. Then Matt played me for a bit and tried her out and I also decided to try her out. She seems really good, super fast, great zoning capability. I didnt really know any of her combos cuz I didnt have them memorized or written down from when I read about her online earlier but it was fun just messing around with some of her stuff. Im not so sure I can see myself maining her over Arakune but she does seem like a character I would have fun playing, so maybe I will play her as a secondary or something and see how it works out. I like the fact that she can hit you from almost anywhere, her normals have decent range, and shes very fast. She sure does take a lot of damage though...

After playing BB for a while, more GG comp started to show up, so I spent the rest of the day playing GG. A few noteworthy people were there. Lots of girl players like hot zappa, baim, and the female HOS who always seems to get pissed off were there. I played hot zappa and won and then she came around to the other side and told me I was really good. I think her boyfriend was there (might be her BF but im not sure). Hes sorta a pretty boy lookin yellow Robo-ky player. I played him once and lost and then this one orange I-no asked me if that guy was strong and I was like, well yea hes good but I can beat him. I tried again and then I won against the Robo-ky. Orange I-no gave me a thumbs up. Unfortunately after that, I dont know why, but i tried a few more times and I just couldnt beat him again. He was beasting on Matt too. I moved to another machine though and then I ended up getting a 14 win streak. I played against this one Venom a lot of times and he eventually beat me cuz I made a stupid execution mistake and he ended my streak. I sorta was annoyed by that, so I started being a dick and taunting him after rounds to give him half meter at the start of the round, and then kept proceeding to beat him anyway heh... Usually I dont do that sorta thing but I was just adjitated that he ended my streak. Eventually Rod showed up sorta late cuz he slept in pretty long after the long drinking night. I played against him a whole bunch of times, starting out with a Faust mirror, then a few matches with Johnny, and eventually a bunch of I-no matches. He played slightly rusty at first and gradually started to step it up. He didnt beat me but it was good games. Matt played me once too and almost beat me but fell short. It was about time to go home eventually so I left the machine with about a 20 win streak and called it a day.

Next weekend is the last G3 ranbat at Sportsland. I will be going once again since its guarenteed to be a huge turnout with top notch comp. There might be another tournament on Sunday too but I forgot to buy the new Arcadia so I will just check later.


Famous Power said...

So I ended up missing my train cos I played GG too much and then wasted time at Current and at Zin LOL

I played Holy Order Bitch twice, beat the shit out of her and went to say I gotta go, dont put in another coin and she yelled a bunch of shit at me in Japanese DONT LOOK DOWN ON ME YOURE AN IDIOT and so forth, and this is before I even said anything. She is just completely crazy and you can hear her smashing shit so hard everytime she gets killed. MAN! :o

ElvenShadow said...

wow... yea Rod, that chick is a few buttons short of an arcade stick. I wouldnt worry about it. Same thing sorta happened to me a long time ago at Akihabara with her. Thats why I never talk to that chick heh. Hope you had fun drinking.

Anonymous said...

"few buttons short of an arcade stick." one of the best insults I've heard in my life.

Anonymous said...

Dude you have to find the name of that show. It sounds fricking hilarious.

HeartNana said...

Yo Mike, (responding to your comment in my blog)
Yeah, I have a 360 only, and I don't plan on getting a PS3. Any game I would want for the PS3 is already out on the 360. There's not even one game that's CLOSE to a system seller for me for it.
I'm sure the connection would be great, too, but yeah, sorry no plans on the PS3. I'm still hype for SFIV, less than a week for us! Of course, the 14th I'm still going to Osaka and going to BB tournies, but I'm excited about having a good fighter to play online during the week. Hopefully talk to you soon, lemme know if you're still coming to kansai for spring break!