Monday, June 22, 2009

Compulsory Intermission

Well throughout the week I pretty much looked for team mates for this weekend's Tochigi/Gunma block. The only one able to go was Kunihiro and he could only go to the Sunday tournament. The location was at a place that was extremely far from just about any train station. Quite frankely there really was no point in going without a full team to a tournament like this. As a result, I had no choice but to simply sit this weekend out.

This weekend was pretty standard so dont really expect anything too epic in this blog entry. Read it if you want but its more or less more of the same.

Friday night I had an enkai in my town for work and it was more or less your standard enkai but it was in honor of these 2 young female college student teachers that worked at our school for 3 weeks. It was nice to work with them for a while.

I woke up Saturday morning after getting like 10 hours of sleep which is extremely rare for me these days. I headed up to Tokyo and went to Vegas cuz Rod said they were having a 100 yen for 3 credits deal for Gear and he was gonna stop in before he had to go to work at 6. A good crowd was there and I got lots of games in but most of the people werent like super famous or whatever. There was this one really good venom whos there sometimes and I played him a whole lot. Rod stopped in for a bit but he had to leave after maybe an hour. He told me he and Matt went clubbing at that same place in Shibuya the previous night. Ai sent us a message saying she was gonna be at GODZ for Hide (one of the bartenders)'s birthday party. She said she was gonna go there at like 7 pm which is way too early for me but I told her I would stop by later. Rod left at around 6 to go to work at Juke 80's and pretty much would be stuck working all night.

At some point I stopped and got some food and then went back and played a bit more. At around 11, I was about ready to just go drinking. I felt like I played enough for the day and I figured I should try to go say hi to Ai before she left because she has a tendancy to leave early when she goes drinking.

I headed over to GODZ and mailed Matt telling him I would be there. I didn't end up hearing from him all night. GODZ was pretty packed when I got there but unfortunately Ai had already left. I didnt really know anyone there at first aside from the GODZ staff but later on Heidi showed up and I talked to her most of the time there. Also, Jackie showed up and he bought me and a bunch of people some tequila shots which was pretty awsome. In addition, Hibiki, and Chibi Testament from Metal Event nights at Current was there. Later on, Hide got on the bar and everyone shot confetti popper things at him until and then he stage dived a few times off the bar and then ate his cake.

At around 2 pm I decided to go check out Current. It wasnt so packed but a few regulars were there like Rina, Mai, Piko, Shuji, Mogi, Sushi, and a few other people I didnt know. There was this dude from Sweden there who was the bassist of some underground band that did an opening act for Piko's band recently and I talked with him for a bit. I pretty much just hung out and talked with everyone for a while and stayed till closing. Pretty standard time but it was fun.

After that I went to PSY where about half the GODZ party relocated to after GODZ closed. I talked with Heidi and also Request Man (Yuki) was there for the first time in a while drinking. I guess he got some office job so he hardly bartends at PSY anymore.

Stayed till 6 and then got some McDonalds breakfast with Jackie and then went to sleep.

Woke up the next day and got some more McDonalds cuz it was fast. It gave me like the worse diarhea attack I have had in a loooong time and I spent a good while in Shinujku station toilet. It was not fun at all.

After that I went to Mikado in Takadanobaba and Mitsurugi was there but I was tired as fuck so I took like an hour nap on the bench in there. After waking up, I started playing against various people. Dream Maker was there for a bit and I got some games in with him. Turns out maybe he could have entered today's tournament but both he and Kunihiro use Anji so I didnt really think he would want to enter with a 2ndary character which is why I didnt bother asking him. Dream Maker left after maybe an hour or 2. Later, Hot Zappa was there too with her boyfriend. Later on a Slayer challenged me and I knew right away by the color and the style that it was Rod. I beat him like twice and then he played me again and beat me in a close game and when I went around to the other side he like ran away cuz he was trying to hide or something but I saw him anyway, and Hot Zappa was laughing. Later on Matt came and said he was too tired from clubbing so he slept all night last night. Also, Maruken and HH came as well. I played HH four times and won the first 2 games and then lost the next 2. I played a ton of games vs HZB's Robo-ky and they were really fun. Hes a really careful player and very patient so he really pushed my patience to the limits and I was getting a lot of really epic long comeback rounds where I would win with less than 10 seconds on the clock after coming back from a huge lifebar deficit. Towards the end I played Maruken a bunch of times and almost every single time it went down to the last round and I came so close to beating him but ended up losing like 7 in a row. You simply cant use your burst against that guy. All he does is bait all day. Hes got to be one of the most careful players Ive ever played, and his style is so different too. In general though, I felt like I was playing really well today so its all good.

I said bye to everyone and then headed out to go home. On my way home on the train in Gunma, there were these 2 loud obnoxious jackass Japanese guys that were probably drunk. They were just talking about the stupidest crap and being VERY VERY LOUD for like no reason and talking all rough and rude... and they were sitting right across from me. Like it was almost like they were trying extra hard to be as loud and obnoxious as humanly possable. I played DS and ended up beating Suikoden Tierkreis. Pretty decent game.

Next weekend there are 2 tournaments in Tokyo. I am almost 100% certain I will be teaming with Honyo and Kunihiro so it shouldnt be a problem. At the very least I should be able to enter the Sunday one and maybe even the Saturday one as well. Only 2 weekends left until quals are over.

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