Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting Drunk and Beating Scrubs in Takasaki

First of all, I went to the doctor during the week for a checkup and my liver is back to normal! I was given the go ahead to drink as much as I want and I am no longer sick according to my blood test so it seems my mono is truely over! CHEERS!

To recap the previous weekend of August 21st... On Friday, I went to Takasaki, the town where Andy lives which is 1 hour south of where I live. We went drinking with a few of the new Takasaki ALTs at a garlic resturaunt until late, and then Andy and I found this place called Bee bar. They had some good beers on tap, interesting atmosphere, and wide selection of music avaliable to request. After that, I crashed at his place. Andy's apartment is about the same size as mine, which is pretty good since he lives in a bigger city.

The next day we headed out and I showed Andy where the 2 arcades are in Takasaki that I know of. One is Monte Carlo which closed down and merged with a smaller one a few doors down. They had one of most older fighting games but the quality of their cabs wasnt maintained very well. We played a few matches of BB and then left. After that, we went to 3rd Planet, which is south of Takasaki station. This place is more expensive but they keep their cabs in nice condition. This place also has one of most major fighting games but for whatever reason they dont have any Street Fighter cabs. Odd... There were a few guys playing BB so we got a few matches. One or 2 of them were actually pretty good players.

After that, we went to the Takasaki beer garden to welcome the new ALTs. We got all you can drink and eat for 4 hours for like 2800 yen so it was worth it. I drank lots of beer and met some cool people. Then after that, Andy, me, Emmet (the new Numata ALT) and 2 other girls went to Bee bar where a bunch of other ALTs showed up and then we went clubbing at some place called club Jam where some random drunk Japanese guy was talking to us towards the end of the night and handing out fake giant thick pairs of glasses for whatever reason. After that, we walked with the girls and Emmet back to the station and then Andy and I went to his place to crash.

The next day we got Ramen and then went back to 3rd Planet. This time there was actually some guy playing GG there. I beat his Slayer a bunch of times and didnt lose until after getting like 22 wins. He eventually left after I beat him again and then we walked to Uniqlo where Andy bought some new pants.

Later, we returned to 3rd Planet and I was shocked to see 4 people playing GG. I got on, beat all of them over and over undefeated and got like 25 wins or something without losing and then we left cuz I had to catch a train. They told me that I was too good and I asked them if they actually have a scene here and they said they usually plays on Tuessdays and Thursdays. Kinda good to know people there still play at least.

I missed the next train so Andy and I got McDonalds at the station to kill time and then I went home.

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