Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Alright so... I dont have much time to type this week and im feeling pretty lazy about it so I am going to sum up last weekend very quickly.

Friday, played casuals at Mikado till 12. Wasnt going to go drinking but Mayuko asked me to go to Current so I said I would go for a bit. She was upset cuz she had a fight with her boyfriend. Terry was there and we chilled and stuff. I left around 2 and went to sleep.

Saturday, tournament was at Sega World Omori. I teamed with Kunihiro and Akinori. We won our first match against a team of ED SL AN. Akinori beat the Anji. Then he lost to SO. I beat SO and ED. Our next match was vs Kishya, HEVEN, AGF team and Kishya OCVed us. The winning team was Karun, Kishitaka, En, but they entered under different names for whatever reason.
After the tournament I was gonna go to this international party to meet up with Sam and Emmet. It was all you can eat pizza and nomihodai. The first 10 foreigners with gaijin cards would get in for free. I wasnt gonna drink cuz I planned to play more casuals afterwords and also to let my ulcer heal, but I was down with free pizza. Anyway, I ended up not being able to find the place in time and there were already more than 10 foreigners so I just said fuck it and went to Mikado and played casuals till late. Sam messaged me saying that Pachi randomly was at the international party. It would have been cool to have gone if I knew that but oh well. Pretty random though.
Then, I met up with Sam and Emmet at an izakaya just to have dinner, but I ended up drinking like 2 beers anyway. They were with these 2 not so attractive girls they picked up and they were kinda ditsy and annoying. Sam went home and Emmet and I went to GODZ and ditched the girls. It was their 8th anniversary party at GODZ tonight. Lots of people I know showed up. It was ok I guess. I got a GODZ towel. I only had 2 drinks though so I didnt really get drunk which is why it was just ok and not awsome. Emmet left pretty early to go to Current and i just stayed at GODZ till about 4 and then went to sleep at the manga kissa.

Sunday, the tournament was at Game Newton Oyama. Stalker girl showed up and gave me a free Guilty Gear X trading card game card (It looks a lot like magic, I didnt even know this game existed). I teamed with ゲイム the May player from Sendai, and a Testament player named Kuma. Kuma seemed like a pretty nice guy and knew who I was. Lots of beast teams showed up. We won our first match vs a team of JA, BA, SO. Kuma lost to BA. Then I beat BA and JA and lost to SO. Then ゲイム beat SO. Our 2nd match was vs some team of JA, AB, KY. I lost to JA in a super close match that I should have won. Then ゲイム beat JA and lost to KY. Then, Kuma beat KY and lost to AB. The winning team was Isa, 012, Taku. Isa didnt say anything to me the whole time (this is the first time I saw him since we last teamed up).
After that, Emmet showed up like right when it ended and we went back to get food in Takadanobaba. Then he went to meet some girl at an izakaya and I went back to Mikado to play casuals till closing. I got some good wins in vs top players. I ended up beating R-1 like 3 times in a row and I heard him slam the cabinet and was getting pissed off or something. Then he beat me. I didnt get back on right away and he came over to the other side and asked me to play him again. He then beat me like 3 more times. Then I went to play someone else, and I beat that person, and then R1 left his game just to get on the other cab I was now playing on to beat me again. I guess the guy really felt like he had to prove something. I suck vs Millia anyway so I usually lose to him, which I guess is why he was getting pissed off. I dont know if I should be amused by this or insulted but whatever. Also, there was a default color Axl player there who I beat 10 times in a row and didnt lose to. I just got up and left eventually when it was time to go. I later found out this this Axl player was Domi. He would team with Limekey tomorrow so I guess he was just playing Axl since they use the same character. I dont know whether or not he plans to main Axl from now or something but his Anji is still WAY better, IMO.

I wasnt even gonna go drinking tonight but Emmet wanted me to go with him really bad so I said I would go. When I got to Current he wasnt even there, and then he showed up with that girl from earlier and only chilled for like a half hour and then dissapeared and left with the girl. I talked to Kunko who was in town and Shuji and the Current staff which was fun but I didnt really get drunk at all again so it wasnt that great. I was also tired cuz I quit caffeine for a while to try to get my ulcer to heal faster. After that I went to sleep at the manga kissa.

Monday was a holiday so I had the day off work and there was another tournament. This time it was at the other Game Newton in Shimura Sanchome. My team today was ゲイム and a guy who plays a bunch of characters who goes by the name Melon, but he entered with Eddie today. He didnt seem very friendly and hardly talked to me at all but whatever. Maybe thats just his personality. I got their early and played a bunch vs Kishya and AGF. I was mostly losing but got a few wins in here and there. Only 9 teams entered (but one of them was a 2 girl team consisting of Domi and Limekeys girlfriends who play HOS and Dizzy). The other 8 teams was my team and 7 teams of all beastly players. Our first match was vs AGF HEVEN and Kishya. Melon went first and lost. I went second and lost but both rounds I got him down to like less than 10 percent health. Finally ゲイム lost too. AGF team went on to win the whole tournament. This was the first GG qual Masutani had entered so far this year (he teamed with Minami Chipp). Also, Clay Gundam man came to this one but he didnt get all rowdy this time. I didnt really feel like playing anymore after we lost and just wanted to go home cuz it was a long weekend, so I just took an earlier train home.

Only 2 weeks left. Next weekends tournaments are right at my home arcade Mikado, and also at Alpha Station in Okubo. I expect the turnout to be crazy.

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