Thursday, November 1, 2007

DF2 qualified teams

All previous posts on this blog were originally posted on the Chicago thread on SRK and have been moved here. From here on out all posts will be made directly on this blog.

So just to make things easier to follow, here is the complete list of qualified teams up to this point

Auto qualified teams:
MF2 Team
MF2覇者 つばさ(AX) / タク(SL)

SBO'07 Teams
闘劇07覇者1 Ogawa(ED) / undecided team mate
闘劇07覇者2 Niga(SL) / 012(SO)
闘劇07覇者3 肉Q(TE) / Die-chan(AB)

Qualified Teams through preliminaries:
[神々]mike(JA) / kami-chan(SL)
[イノウエにおまかせ♪]ケバ(AB) / イノウエ(OR)
[0頭領]白頭領(FA) / 0(HOS)
[レジェンド・オブ・TTM]サミット(CH) / かずな(BA)
[中国産キムチ]エン(SL) / ライムキー(AN)
[ヤリケンBASARA X]ヤリケン(PO) / BASARA X(SL)
ハラキリ(OS) / maruken(BA)
kaqn(MI) / isa(ED)
赤点(ED) / シロザキ(TE)
[犬と鏡は使いよう]FAB(PO) / 阿部(ZA)
N男(VE) / Dogura(RO)
koichi(IN) / ハーケン(PO)
kik (AB) / はまー(ZA)
はた棒(ZA) / ネコミミ(AX)
ドミー(AN) / カズキ(DI)
ラーク(BA) / 大阪B(FA)

this coming weekend I will be going to 2 more qualifiers, both are in Tokyo, one in Oyama and the other in Tachikawa

hopefully I will do well

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Unknown said...

Good luck, biatch. And congrats for appearing on GameChariot!