Tuesday, November 6, 2007

DF2 overview

So perhaps not everyone knows exactly what DF2 is so I will briefly explain. Basically, DF2 (Dream Fighters Festival) is sort of like Tougeki SBO. It is an annual tournament that features several games (Guilty Gear XX AC, Arcana Heart Full!, Melty Blood Act Cadenza, and Hotoko no Ken). Just like SBO, there is a 32 team bracket for each game and in order to play in the final tournament you must first qualify at one of the qualifier tournaments. In order to qualify you must get 1st place at a qualifier. Instead of 3 person teams like SBO, DF2 is a 2 on 2. The final event will take place at the Code Club Complex in Tokyo on November 25th. All matches are single elimination. The DF2 website can be found here... http://df2.c-mix.jp/top.htm

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

(also... pictures section has been updated)


GODOHAND said...

I just ran into here via dustloop coincidently. Really good blog here, so i know more what gg is like in Japan, always wanted to pay a vist to Japan. I wonder if you speak Japanese or is English also quite common there? imaging Ogawa, Kaqn, FAB etc these people speaking in English would be so funny lol. Also if there are chances, could pleaseyou take some pictures of the really good players there? i know some of them are shy but im kinda interested in how top gg players are like HA!

ElvenShadow said...

I speak some Japanese, I studied in college and im studying more now that I am here. My speaking ability is pretty good but my listening comprehension sucks, but once im here for a while I will get more used to the listening part. I can also read katakana and hiragana just fine but I only know like less than 100 kanji right now. The Japanese players dont really speak much English at all, except for MIU, his English is pretty good.

I already took a few pictures of some of the Japanese players if you check the picture section. I dont want to just go up to every good player and ask for a picture, that might come off as a bit strange. When an appropriate opportunity presents itself I will take more pictures of players.