Monday, November 15, 2010


Friday night was Ryoko's birthday. Instead of going out somewhere, she wanted to just chill with me at my apartment this year and wanted me to cook her a nice dinner. She said she wanted me to make her a special salad. I made her a salmon avocado pasta salad. I found some recipes online and this one looked pretty good so I made it based off that. It was my first time to make it and it turned out pretty well. I also got her an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. We drank lots of whiskey and did other stuff.

The next day, Ryoko went to work and I headed out for Tokyo. I left at around 2. Emmet got on the train and rode up there with me. I enjoyed a whiskey coke and a beer on the way. I promised Emmet I would go with him to an international party this time. Originally I said I would go cuz I wanted to go to a Thanksgiving one. Unfortunately it turned out that there were none this weekend. I already told Emmet I would go, and had nothing else in particular planned, so I went anyway.

We had a little time to kill before it started so we grabbed another beer and drank it at Shinjuku Sportsland. I played a bunch of GG matches against an Axl player. I dont know who he was but he was very patient and good. I lost 3, then won 2, then lost 2. Then we pretty much had to get going. I sorta wouldnt have minded playing more but I was pretty buzzed and wasnt really playing my best so whatever.

We got to the international party and it ended up being at the exact same place the last one I went to was at, but this time it was the good group that always has good food with the handle bar mustache chef dude. About a half hour after the party started, Pachi came too and drank with us for the rest of the night.

Nothing really special worth mentioning there. I drank about 8 drinks and pigged out. They had a 12 year whiskey there which was pretty nice. I drank a stout and some tequila, too.

We talked with a few regulars that go there and some girls. We left the party at like 9 and 2 girls went with us to Current. As we were walking back to the station to go to Shinjuku, Andy met up with us and we all went back together.

Today at Current, my main reason for going was to see my good old friend Antti! He moved to Dubai for work a while ago but was back in Japan again for a visit. Tons of his Finnish friends came to drink too, but unfortunately The Snus Man wasnt around. Megu came too and I hadnt seen her in a while. Also, Kunko was visiting from Osaka so I drank with her and Megu as well.
I dont remember when, but at some point I passed out for a little bit and got shit drawn all over me with a black marker. I didnt even realize it at first. Going to international parties seems to generally be a bad idea. I just try to get my moneys worth, drink too much too fast, and then pass out too early. I wasnt out all that long though and woke up again and was fine after that.

Im not sure what time it was when we left Current, but it was earlier than usual. The reason for this was that tonight at PSY was their anniversary party. It was pretty full but not as full as it has been at past PSY anniversary parties. It was 2000 yen to get in with 2 drinks so I got 2 tequila red bulls. They also gave out PSY wristbands which were pretty cool. Lots of regulars were at PSY as well.

It was honestly pretty fun and all, but in retrospect, I think I should have stayed at Current and hung out with Antti more. It might be quite a while till I see the guy again. Everyone I came with wanted to go to PSY so I just sorta went too (that was my plan anyway), but in retrospect it would have been good to do just a bit more drinking with Antti.

PSY stayed open really late. At some point I passed out a little again there and so did Emmet. Fortunately this time I didnt get drawn on again. They actually woke us up for once, probably cuz it was a party. Once they woke me up I ordered another drink and was fine. We left there after 7 pm. From there, Pachi and I got some Ramen at this one place I had never been to, but it ended up being good as hell.

After Ramen, Pachi left and went home. Normally at this time, I would be heading to the manga kissa. However, in only a few hours, I had to be at Ariake Differ for our friend Bloodbath's next kickboxing match. The last time I went it was good fun, but it was much later in the day. 10:30 is really early and I knew that I was gonna be drinking late due to Antti being in town and PSY's party, so I made the decision already that I was going to stay out all night and just show up there drunk! Emmet had already left PSY way before we did and decided to try to get a little sleep. I decided to check out Tokyo Loose. It was dead as hell so I just used their bathroom to pee and left. I went to McDonalds and bought a mcgriddle and listened to music for a bit but I ended up falling asleep. Luckily I set an alarm on my phone. I was probably only asleep for about 45 minutes. The alarm woke me up but I wanted a little more sleep so I slept again without setting the alarm. Luckily, a waitress woke me up and it was just about when I needed to get going. I met up with Emmet who had been sleeping at the Burger King until he got kicked out and then went to sleep on the street lol.

After we met up we headed down to Ariake Differ. In case you didnt realize it, Ariake Differ is the exact same place that SBO used to be held at (for 2007 and 2008, possibly earlier years too but 2007 was my first SBO). This place is actually intended for fighting like boxing and wrestling and not fighting games, so for once I was going there for the kind of event that is usually held there.

We got there a little late. Bloodbath's friend had our tickets and was waiting out in front. A bunch of other ALTs went to watch but were already inside. Fortunately it didnt start yet. I grabbed another beer and then we got our seats.

This time there were 11 matches. They were all kickboxing, no MMA. Bloodbath was the 3rd match to take place. It was looking a little bit even at first but as the fight went on, Bloodbath began to dominate. He knocked the guy down about 3 or 4 times and they finally called it and declared Bloodbath the winner! We were all shouting and cheering him on. I was still pretty drunk so it was extra fun doing so too.

Some of the other fights were pretty good too. I had a few more beers throughout the other fights as well to keep my buzz going. Emmet wasnt gonna drink cuz he always gets bad hangovers but gave in and got some beer. During one of the matches, one of the fighters was wearing red bull shorts so I yelled really loud to cheer him on "Red bull gives you wings!" and im sure he had no idea wtf I was talking about lol.

The 3rd and 2nd to last fights were a bit of a surprise. They were female fights! This was my first time seeing a ladies kickboxing match but it was pretty cool! Emmet and I put 100 yen side bets on the last 3 fights. It started cuz before the first female match started, a bunch of confetti got shot into the ring. One of the girls got more confetti so Emmet said he thought she was gonna win just cuz of that lol. So I bet him 100 yen the other girl wins. As we were watching the match, we both thought the girl I bet one was going to be declared with winner but somehow his girl won anyway. The girl I bet on the 2nd time won. Then we bet on the last match which was 2 dudes and Emmet's guy won so he came out 100 yen ahead.

After the fight was over we said bye to everyone and were about ready to go home. I grabbed another beer for the road. We stopped off in Shinjuku and went to Burger king. I got another beer. Then finally after that we headed back.

When we were at Shinjuku station, I had to pee, Emmet said he would go ahead to the platform and wait there. I mailed him asking him what platform he was on. He told me and I headed there. As I was going up the steps he told me to hurry cuz the train was about to leave. I was tired as hell and trusted Emmet knew what he was talking about, so I got on the train without paying attention to where it was scheduled to go. As soon as we got on the train I fell asleep cuz Emmet said it would go all the way to Takasaki. A little over an hour later, I wake up and was quite confused as to why we were in the middle of Tochigi just past Oyama! Emmet said "Well, I could have sworn it said it was going to Takasaki!" I gave a bit of a face palm and was too tired to even care. I really wanted to get home but at this point there was nothing else I could do about it but wait. We finally got on a train heading back and eventually transfered to the correct train after wasting over 2 hours. I slept a good amount of the way back. I finally made it home around 10:30 pm.

I slept about 8 hours at home but since I skipped an entire night of sleep I am still feeling pretty exhausted right now as I type this.

So I ended up drinking almost non stop (aside from small passing out intermissions) for over 24 hours. Probably the longest drinking session I have ever had. It was fun for the most part but I sure am tired and will probably try avoid doing that again. I also am gonna lay off the international parties. Its just not really worth it honestly. Im definitely gonna try to play some more fighting games next weekend and will enter both Johnny-o cup tournaments.

At least the fight was cool and it was good to see Antti and Kunko again.

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