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Halloween 2010: Welcome To My Nightmare

The previous weekend, I was too busy/lazy to write a blog post. I went to the GODZ/PSY escape from the bar which was the staff and regulars of those 2 bars doing all kinds of special gigs and playing various cover songs. The first one was 2 years ago and was at the same place, Shinjuku Marz. Lots of friends came and I chilled with Andy and Ledbloodrun most of the time there. I got REALLY drunk cuz I brought 2 whiskey bottles in a was spiking my whiskey redbulls I ordered there. After it was over there was an after party nomihodai all night. Andy and letbloodrun went home but Emmet showed up. Most of the night is just a big blur and I hardly remember anything.

Anyway, moving on to the weekend that just ended (Halloween weekend)...

I headed to Tokyo after work. I went to Takadanobaba and got a kebab right away. After I finished, I only had a 10,000 bill to pay with and they didnt have change so they said I could just pay next time cuz they know me pretty well at that place. I figured I should just pay them now so I went to Family Mart and bought a beer to make change and went back and paid them the 500 yen.

After that, I went to Mikado. I already had a few beers in me from the train ride but was still sober enough to play ok. I played for like a couple hours and then Emmet contacted me saying he was just arriving on the train now. I left and met up with him at Shinjuku station. From there, we got a few beers to pregame before heading to the bar and were drinking them outside. This this one Swedish dude I know named Yohan showed up with a bunch of friends and they knocked back a beer with us outside, too. Then we headed to Current.

Since tomorrow would be Halloween, as expected, it was pretty dead in there. We stayed for like a beer or 2 and then Emmet and I decided to just go to Roppongi cuz I didnt really care either way.

We got there and went to that bar called Heartland. It was kinda crappy. Then we went to Gas Panic and that was pretty crappy too, but at least I saved money cuz I did most of my drinking for the night on conbini beers.

We left Gas Panic once the trains started running again, and headed back to Shinjuku to crash at the manga kissa.

The next morning I woke up around 2 or something. I figured I might as well just start getting my costume ready. This year, I dressed as Alice Cooper, one of my heroes and one of the best damn vocalists and song writers, ever. period!

I sorta designed my costume to be like his Welcome To My Nightmare costume. I originally was going to go with what he has on on the album cover, but I couldnt find a white vest, so I sorta improvised and designed it off of what he was wearing in the actual music video for the song. So I had a black top hat, a long black wig, painted my face like Alice, wore a red collared shirt, had a white bow tie, and black suit coat and pants. I think it turned out pretty well.

When I finished getting ready, Emmet showed me something online. Currently there are some legal disputes involving the filming of The Hobbit movie in New Zealand. I dont remember all the details honestly but it has something to do with Warner Brothers having permission to film there or something. You can read the information here and here. So anyway, just for the hell of it, Emmet made some flag in MS paint that has the New Zealand flag combined with the WB logo. He sent it to some people and somehow it wound up being on TV at some political debate and and the guy was so dramatic about it! Here is a link to the actual video. Pretty funny shit.
Other related links are here and here.

Anyway, Emmet got his costume ready there, too. This year he went as a skeleton. He painted his face and had a skeleton outfit to wear. It looked pretty good.

So, after getting ready, we grabbed some BK and then had some more time to kill before the international party so we headed to Sportsland where we had a couple beers while I played GG. I did well and was mostly beating people up. It was fun playing there drinking while dressed as Alice Cooper lol.

After that, we headed to the international party in Harajuku. Unfortunately this one wasnt being run by the good group so there was no food. It also had crappy drinks but I made due drinking canned high balls while we were there. It wasnt as good as last year's pregame Halloween international party but there were still some good costumes there and decent people to talk to, and I guess I drank my money's worth. One of the best costumes there was some dude dressed as Thriller Michael Jackson. I got a good photo with him (and took good photos of some of the other good costumes there).

The party ended at 8:30 and then we headed to Current. We got there pretty early, and when we arrived, it was pretty fucking dead... I honestly consider Current's Halloween parties to be one of the best parties of the year, so my expectations were rather high. I was pretty disapionted to see it so dead, espessially since I remember that last year when we got there around the same time it was much more packed. I think most of this could be blamed on the typhoon that was going on outside. Halloween pretty much got owned by the typhoon. Andy was gonna meet us there but at the time when he mailed me, I was pretty gutted about how bad the party was going so I told him not even to bother coming and to just go to the ALT party in Takasaki.

I dont remember when exactly, but at some point the party picked up and more people showed up. Probably around midnight. I was already sorta bummed and in not the greatest mood but gradually over time, lots of regulars showed up, and while it probably was the least packed Current Halloween party among the 4 that I have gone to, it ended up being pretty fun anyway and there were lots of good costumes and good people there. A few notable regulars who I would have expected to come were not there, but it was still good times. I took a ton of pictures so its probably best to just let them do the talking for me since they capture the night pretty well.

So yea, overall it was still a really fun party, I just let my expectations get too high and the typhoon certainly weeded out a lot of the people that im sure would have gone otherwise.

After Current closed at 5, a large group of us headed to PSY. Emmet ducked out around this time to go shack up with some girl.

PSY was good and some of the people there had good costumes, too. This one girl, Eli, was dressed like a clown so I took a picture with her of me looking afraid, cuz Alice Cooper has a song called "Can't Sleep, The Clowns Will Eat Me". Good times.

After PSY closed at 6, about 10 of us went to Tokyo Loose for more drinking. I passed out there for a bit unfortunately. Thats what I get for starting to drink at 2 pm. I woke up eventually and we all left at around 8 or something. After that, I headed to the manga kissa.

I woke up the next day and got some curry, and then I headed to Akihabara. Ryoko's birthday is coming up soon and she wanted some sorta facial cleansing Panasonic Nanokia (nanocare?) steamer thingy. Its appearently some new beauty fad going on in Japan right now (I saw them advertising the exact same one she wanted while I was riding on the train on my way to Akihabara lol). Honestly the thing probably doesnt even work (and its not like Ryoko needs it anyway IMO), but its what she wanted to thats fine. She always gets me awsome presents so its all good. I shopped around at a few stores and got the best deal at Yodobashi Camera. It was expensive but oh well.

After that, I headed to Club Sega and played there for a while. Got some good games in and only lost a few times the whole time I was there.

Around 8 I got hungry and went to get a kebab and it rocked. Then I headed back go Club Sega to kill the last hour before I had to leave. I was surprised to see suddenly that Kyle (Stunedge) was there playing BB. I said hi to him and we talked for a bit. He played me in a game of GG with his Testament and I won. I played a few more after that and then I had to get going so I said bye and headed out.

On the way back, they checked my ticket on the train so I was kinda salty about that but oh well.

So yea, it wasn't the greatest Halloween ever but I still had a good time.

Next weekend I have to work on Saturday and were gonna play poker again on Sunday in Maebashi so I probably wont even head to Tokyo. Not sure if I will bother writing in the blog next week but if it turns out interesting enough maybe I will.

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