Tuesday, March 1, 2011

End of Final Roundbats 2010-11

I stayed home on Friday night and just chilled and drank with Ryoko.

Saturday I woke up and headed out to Tokyo and Emmet got on the same train. He had plans to go to another international party and I was going to the last Final Roundbats tournament so we parted ways upon arival in Tokyo.

I got off at Shingawa and headed to the skylounge. This would be the last Final Roundbats since Final round will be coming up very soon. Tokido already had enough points even before this tournament to where it didnt matter so he will be going and getting a fully paid flight to Atlanta. I mainly just went to hang out and drink and I also wanted to play some MvC3.

When I arrived it was pretty early and Abelity and Bull410 were chilling in the lobby. Soon after, they got the key and I headed up to the sky lounge to open the door while Abelity went to help Scott Popular unload his car and Bull410 got some stuff from his apartment.

Soon after people started coming. Lots of regular guys were there. Tokido showed up but he had to leave early so he didnt even enter the SSFIV tournament. As I said, it wouldnt matter anyway for him.

I was doing well in casuals and went undefeated aside from one loss until the tournament started. I think my first match was against a Juri player and I won. My 2nd match was against a Ryu player and I won that as well. There was a low turnout for SSFIV players (lots of people showed up but didnt bother entering SSFIV cuz I guess they just wanted to play Marvel. I was the same but I figured I might as well enter SSFIV anyway). My next match was already the finals. I had to go against Abelity's Abel. We played something like 4 times before the tournament and I won every match. The finals were 2/3 matches, 3/5 rounds. I won the first match 3 straight rounds. Then he answered by winning the next match 3 straight. The final match went down to each of us having 2 rounds and in the 5th round he pulled ahead and won. I guess it would have been cool to win but I wouldnt have actually gotten anything and I didnt even really care about that tournament so whatever. It was fun though I guess.

After SSFIV was over, they busted out the Marvel. At first they were talking about running a tournament for that game as well just for fun but in the end they just opted to run casuals all night. I got lots of games in against various people. My team last time I played was Lei Lei/MODOK/Ammy but I dropped MODOK cuz hes just too awkward to control right now and id rather just learn the game and have fun. I picked up Dante for the time being so I ran the team Lei Lei/Dante/Ammy. I will probably eventually replace Dante with someone else but hes fun enough for now and not too difficult to use on a basic level. I won every single match I played except for 2 matches I played against this one dude who had Phoenix on his team and killed me in the end with Dark Phoenix both times in close matches.

Of course, I was drinking the whole time (I started drinking on the train ride to Tokyo and never really stopped, lol) so I was good and buzzed and had a fun time. I ate a good ammount of pizza too.

Since this was the last Final Roundbats of the season, they will be taking a break for a couple of months and reboot it sometime in maybe May or June. They might have some other events during that gap but im not sure. Scott was talking about trying to get a drunken flag football game going in Yoyogi park. While im not too much into playing sports, if I have nothing else to do on that day I might go just to hang out and get drunk and get a little excersize for once, but its too early to say cuz I might have more important things to do whenever they run it (like GG tournaments or something).

The party lasted until 10. Jude, the Claw player, decided to go drinking with me. We headed to Current where we met up with Emmet who rolled in with a group of people from the international party. One was a girl he was trying to get with and then there were like 2 other guys or something who sorta just tagged along to come drinking I guess. A few regulars were there, too. After not too long, some other random girl who was at the same international party that Emmet and them were at came and sat with us... except she didnt even go with them. We figured she must have followed them there like some sorta weird stalker but she claims that she has been to Current before and that it was just a coincidence (though I have never seen her there before and I am there almost every weekend). We sat for a bit at the tables in the back and chilled but then Emmet's crew all left after like an hour or 2. The strange stalker girl stayed. We still had time before the trains stopped and Emmet had some discount coupons to get into Camelot in Shibuy for 2000 yen with 2 drinks, which isnt a bad deal, so we decided to go there.

When we got to Shinjuku station and were waiting on the train platform, Emmet, Jude, and I were doing most of the talking and the stalker girl just wasnt really trying to make an effort to be part of the conversation, even though I remember some of us at least saying something to her here and there to try and include her. Suddenly she just starts crying and says shes going home and just leaves. It was random as hell. Soon after, the train came and we headed to Shibuya.

I went to Camelot once a long time ago with some other people and it was pretty nice for a club. Im not much of a club guy but Current wasnt that booming and I dont mind a change of atmosphere sometimes. So Emmet, Jude, and I just drank at Camelot all night. We talked with some random girls and all that and got good and drunk cuz Emmet and I snuck in some small whiskey bottles that we slammed in the bathroom. Emmet was talking with some girl for a really long time and eventually we didnt know where they went. Im still unsure if he went home with her or just got lost somewhere else in the club. When 5 rolled around, the place closed so Jude and I just headed out. He went back home and I crashed at the manga kissa in Shibuya.

The next morning I woke up and headed to this one nice book store in Shinjuku. I wanted to buy a new Japanese study book cuz I have been a little lazy and unmotivated with studying ever since I took the JLPT N2 (which I failed as expected, btw). I found a book that looks pretty decent which is designed to help study for the JLPT N2. I havnt used it yet cuz I was pretty busy at work yesterday and today but I will start using it either after im done typing this or tomorrow. Hopefully it ends up being decent, but it wasnt very expensive so whatever. Hopefully it will motivate me and help me study for the next time I try to take the JLPT.

Anyway, after buying the book, I went to Shinjuku Sportsland to kill a little time playing GG. I decided I wanted to just go home early today and chill with Ryoko cuz there wasnt really anything special going on. I played there for about an hour while I waited for the next convenient train time. I went undefeated the hour I was there playing. It was mostly some Chipp player who kept playing me but there were a couple other guys like some Sol, a Johnny, a Testament, and a Dizzy.

After I left Sportsland, I just got on the train and headed up and spent the rest of the evening with Ryoko.

So, next weekend is the final singles ranbats for the Johnny-o cup tournament series. If I place high enough theres a decent chance I may actually be able to play in the final even but im just gonna show up and play and see what happens and have fun and maybe something cool will come of it. (At the time of writing this blog they still havnt updated the Johnny-o cup sight from last week where I got 4th but hopefully they will do it soon.)

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