Monday, November 9, 2009

The 100th blog post

I cant believe I already typed 100 of these damn things lol...

This weekend, I had to work on Saturday morning for the annual PTA ping pong and volleyball tournament at my main Jr. High School. As a result, I stayed in Gunma on Friday night. One of the Numata ALTs, John, had a small party at his house. About 15 people showed up, mostly other ALTs and about 5 Japanese girls. He cooked a ton of really good food like BBQ ribs, and all kinda gormet stuff. Hes a good cook. He also made some hot cider which I spiked with some rum and it was pretty fucking delicious. After that, he had a bonfire set up outside in front of his house. We roasted marshmallows and stuff. It was pretty cool. Later on, Ryoko showed up. She spent the day in Takasaki shopping with her friends so she couldn’t come for most of the party. She stayed for about 5 minutes but then she just gave me a ride home cuz I had to work early Saturday morning and so did she.

On Saturday morning at the ping pong / volleyball tournament, I played ping pong, just as I did the last 2 years. I was put on the Adult-B team which consisted of a couple other teachers and some student’s moms. We pretty much got owned by the 3rd year students. There was this one girl who was like a fucking pro at spiking the ball really hard. We managed to beat the 1st year student teams at least. It went by fairly quick and afterwords everyone got free onigiri and pocari sweat, just like the last 2 years. I was out of there by noon, made a quick snack while I waited for the next train, and was on my way to Tokyo. Emmet got on the train as well but I pretty much just slept the whole way cuz I was really tired.

Once in Tokyo, I headed to Mikado for casuals. I started off by playing against an I-no who I beat several times until he finally gave up. Then I fought a Potemkin and won. Then this BA player came along and he was really good. I have trouble against Baiken in general and after 6 tries I couldnt beat him. I was getting rounds but I just couldnt get a win in. Then Mitsurugi shows up and plays against him with his Slayer and wins. I was kinda surprised. Then I fought Mitsurugi Slayer and won. Then I played a few games against Mitsurugi's ABA and I won the first couple and then we went back and forth a few times. Eventually I played that BA player again but I still didnt beat him.

Emmet was saying there was another international party today in Ebisu. This time the event specifically said they would have a full bar with real beer. Not only that, but a whole buffet meal with roasted chicken, roasted pork, salad, and other shit. After that last 2 parties being so crappy, I was hesitant to go to another one of these for a while, but this one sounded too good to pass up with all you can drink and eat for like 3 hours for 3500 yen. I figured Id give it another shot.

So Emmet and I left Mikado and headed to Ebisu where we met up with another ALT from Gunma named Dan. Dan said the party was at a place called Seven. I was like... wait... for real? ...cuz thats the same place it was at last time for Halloween. I said this time I was just gonna outright ask them if all they have is crappy drinks or if they have real stuff this time before I even pay to get in. Luckily, as we were waiting for the elevator, some guy rolls up with a whole cart full of Yebisu beer bottles! I asked him if it was for this party and it indeed was! It turns out that this time, it was run by a completely different organization but it just so happened to be at the same venue for whatever reason. They didnt go back on their word either. When we got inside we saw a whole buffet table full of food, and they even had homemade pie, cake, and ice cream! The bar also had just about anything youd want to order so I enjoyed drinking Yebisu and Yebisu black the whole time. I got my fill of good food as well so I got my moneys worth for sure. The chef who made the cakes and stuff was this black dude who had the coolest handlebar mustache ever that was sorta connected to his sideburns. I gave him props for his mad cooking skills. He was a nice guy too. I think he said something like hes been living in Japan for over 15 years.

This one other guy was there again this time and hes ALWAYS at these things without fail! Hes kinda creepy looking, but I dont really know how to describe it. Anyway, if I go to another one of these I wouldnt be surprised to see him there again. We also talked to tons of girls there, most of them just came up to us to chat. For most of the later part of the party, this group of hot girls came up to us and ended up being Chinese. Emmet wasnt interested because he only wants to meet Japanese girls LOL. One of them was like broken tier hot and was talking to me a lot and seemed pretty interested but since im not single I didnt try to pick her up or anything.

So for once we left the party without any girls with us. Emmet and Dan were planning to go clubbing in Shibuya at some place where Dan's Japanese friend was DJing. There was a cover charge to get in so I wasnt interested in going and my plan was to just check out Current by myself. However, Dan said he could get me in for free. Once again, im not a club guy, but if I can get in for free its worth checking out at least, so I tagged along.

We got to Shibuya around 9:30 but the club didnt open till 11, so we went and killed some time at this bar that had 200 yen beers! I gotta say, this place was pretty awsome! It had a decent crowd in there and there was no BS! The beers really were 200 yen each and it was like even a decent sized glass of Sapporo! Anyway we were chillin for a bit and then Dan tried to go talk to these 2 hot chicks that were sitting alone. While Dan was talking to them, Emmet starting sneakily shoving random crap like chopsticks and paper cups and made a huge tower inside of Dan's back pocket. I was surprised how long he was able to do it until he got found out lol! Eventually we all made our way over there and were talking to these girls a bit. One of them left a little earlier so then were talking to the one girl for a while. Dan and Emmet were trying to get her to go clubbing but she said she had to work early the next day. She ended up giving me her email before she left but I stored it wrong so I just deleted it. Too bad cuz Emmet wanted to mail her heh.

After that, we went back to that other club. I forget the name of it though. We ended up being able to get in for free. We put our bags in a locker and then chilled a bit. Drinks were a little pricey at 700 yen for everything on the menu. I got one Tequila coke and then Dan had like a bottle of vodka he brought in so he like spiked the hell out of it and it was like half booze. Some Ex-Japanese porn star was there and she did like a semi strip tease dance (showed off some parts without taking stuff off all the way) which was pretty hot. After that was over, though, the place seemed pretty boring. The other 2 guys were down to go check out Pure so we decided we could give it a look and come back later if need be.

I dont mind going to pure since its all you can drink. We walked there and we were pretty shocked to find out that Pure no longer exists! Appearently the place closed down completely a few weeks ago! That totally sucks because for what it was, it was actually decent place to go drink for cheap! Disheartened, we sorta just walked around a bit trying to decide what to do.

We got some quick food and then when we were in front of the Family Mart, there were these Japanese guy. I dont even remember at all how it started but somehow Emmet got me into another arm wrestling match with another random Japanese dude on the street lol! This time I lost though. He was a fairly big guy. Im not even that strong so I dont know how I did this well up to now anyway haha. Anyway, after that, there were these foreigner guys from like various European countries here together on vacation or something. I dont remember how it happened again but I ended up arm wrestling like 3 of these guys! I beat 2 of them and lost to one of them. My arm was already tired as hell from the first match and after the 4th one it was pretty fucked. I was never one to go around challenging random people to arm wrestling matches in the streets so ill just blame it on a combination of Emmet and Alcohol lol! Its all good though, just in good fun, nothing serious.

Anyway, we tried to get back into the first club and the bouncer was a total dick and wouldnt let us back in. We showed him our locker keys and said he would let one of us go in to get the stuff for everyone. So anyway, I go in first and get my bag, then I come back and were chilling outside and we see the pornstar chick go into a combini! Emmet follows her in there and is kinda like waiting for a chance to talk to her. She leaves, and as shes walking back towards the club, Emmet is just like, fuck it!, and goes after her. We cant hear the conversation and we were expecting him to get blown off fast but to our surprise she walks off with him towards the club! Then shortly after, Emmet comes back telling us she wanted to have drinks with him but the bouncer wouldnt let him back in and she even tried to help him get in too! Oh well. Then Dan went in to get his backpack from the locker. Emmet and I waited for a bit but after waiting for like 10 minutes we tried calling him but we realized his phone wasnt working right so we just said fuck it and decided to take a taxi back to Shinjuku.

We got to Shinjuku around 4 am. We figured we might as well just hit up PSY which would give us 2 more hours of drinking. There was an average crowd there for PSY which was good. SPG Chris showed up too and was telling me about a concert he has coming up so I might go to that. Also, Natsume told me that next week is PSY's 5th anniversary party so I might hit that up as well. I had a couple beers and talked to some people but towards the end I got a little tired and nodded off a little. I didnt drink any redbull all night and was drinking since 6:30 pm and woke up at 7 am for work so I was a little tired out.
After leaveing, we got McDonalds and then headed to the manga kissa.

I woke up the next day after a good 8 hours of sleep and Emmet was already on his way back to Gunma. I went back to Mikado and spent the day playing GG casuals. Some Millia player who recognized me was there and said hi to me. I dont know his name but we ended up playing several games and I won probably about 75% of them. I also played against several other people. Kunihiro was there, as well as Udei (who was playing Testament the whole time for some reason) but I didnt play either of them. I did end up playing against Hot Zappa's Boyfriend's Robo-Ky for a bunch of matches though. I always like fighting him because hes a really solid player. Hes good at reading people and is also really hard to hit and very patient. We started off going back and forth. Then he got like 4 in a row on me, then I answered by getting 3 in a row, then we went back and forth a bit again. Then he pulled ahead and beat me like 5 in a row, and then I beat him twice and he left. I also played against Hot Zappa one game and won. I played a few more games against some people after that, mostly winning. My biggest streak of the day was like 15 wins or something. It was a good casuals session for sure.

After that I made my way back home. When I got to Akabane station, I stopped in and saw the November Arcadia and checked the tournament schedule. There were like absolutely NO GG tournaments listed for the whole month. Looks like another month of just casuals and drinking unfortunately. Mikado has their weekly Tuesday tournaments but I cant get out there on weekdays. Hopefully next month will have some more tournaments. Next week's plans are still undecided but I might go to the PSY party or something.


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