Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009: The New Mythology Suite

So I didnt bother posting about the weekend between the last time I posted and the one that just ended. I just stayed and drank in Numata cuz I had an enkai and then drank all night with Emmet and Jessie till like 5 am. I woke up and had terrible pain so I went to the hospital. The good news is my heart is fine. Turns out I have a stomach ulcer. Ive always suffered from really bad heartburn so it was only a matter of time. I got some meds and have been watching what I eat so its no big deal. Also, we went to some awsome shrine with the biggest Tengu mask in the world in the mountains outside Numata. Emmet got his Tengu mask for his costume. For those of you who dont know what a Tengu is, you can see some art here. I spent the rest of the weekend with Ryoko.

Also, last Wednesday I ended up driving to Takasaki with Ryoko and Emmet and we went to Donkihote and I was able to buy some stuff I needed for my costume. This year my costume would be the Symphony X mascot. Actually, there are 2 of them. Here is some artwork of their masks from the first Symphony X album and here is what their full bodies look like on the cover of V: The New Mythology Suite. The Back is the inverted version of the image. Totally awsome album artwork btw. I had dressed up as the mascots before with my friend Mike White during college when we saw the band live at the Metro in Chicago and after the show we even met Jason Rullo (Drummer) and Mike Lepond (bassist) outside the venue. They were totally awsome guys and really dug our costumes. Anyway, I decided to do it again this year for Halloween. Since Mike White obviously isnt in Japan, I needed someone else to go as the other one. I asked Andy to dress up as the other one and he was cool with it since he had no other costume plans, even though he really isnt too familiar with Symphony X. I was the red mask with black cloak and Andy would be the purple with white one. So anyway, when I went to Takasaki I was able to find a crappy black priest robe and took the top part off and it worked well as just a regular black robe that I could wear a hooded sweatshirt underneath and stick the hood out. Now I had a perfect black hooded robe. I also ordered some face paint online and it arrived so I was all set!

Anyway, getting to this past weekend...

I ended up having to go to a meeting on Friday at work and it didnt end till like 5:30 so I had to go to Tokyo 2 trains later than usual. I got there a little before 10 and headed right to Mikado. I hadnt played Guilty Gear for over 2 weeks and was totally in the mood for some good matches. There were a handfull of players there. A few regulars like Mitsurugi and Takuya and stuff. I felt a little rusty but got back into things quick and generally did pretty well, mostly getting small streaks of like 4 or so wins and then maybe losing one or 2. I was talking to Mitsurugi a bit and asked him if there were any tournaments for GG coming up and he said nothing aside from the weekly ones at Mikado that I can never go to cuz they are on weekdays. At around 11:30, Emmet arrived. He played some SF games while I played more GG. At 12 when it was time for the arcade to close, we headed out and went to Shinjuku.

We started out by going to Donkihote. I already had my costume ready but I wanted to check for Andy if they had a white hooded robe. We found something that would work pretty well but it was 5000 yen and Andy decided he was going to make his own out of a sheet and would be arriving tomorrow night in Tokyo.

Before going drinking, Emmet wanted to knock back some spirits so he got a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of coke at 7-11. Were just chilling outside talking and hes drinkin, and some random dude comes up to us. Emmet is wearing his pink Kanji T-shirt again and the guys like "Comedian!" and points and then I start talking to him in Japanese for a good while. We had a good conversation about what I was talking about before with the whole thing how Japanese people wear random Engrish shirts and how most foreigners find it hilarious. He told us hes in some band named Math Gorilla Squared and I told him how that doesnt really mean anything in English but he said he just thinks it sounds cool (I guess it kinda does). The dude was getting his motorcycle which was parked right by where we were standing. After talking to us for like maybe 10 minutes he finally got on his bike and left. He was a pretty cool guy.

After that, we got some ramen at the place that gives free refils on the noodles. Emmet wanted ot go to Tokyo Loose. Im not a fan of the place but I figured since there was no real plans for tonight we might as well check it out. One of those Nigerian guys was out in front and was trying to get us to come in even though we were already going in hah. We checked it out and it was kinda dead, plus they wanted to force me to buy a locker to put my backpack in even though I was fine with just leaving it on the floor by my stool. So I said fuck this place and we left.

After that we decided to check Current. There were a couple people there but it wasnt too packed. I talked with SPG Chris, GFKA28YOV, and some other friend of theirs and they shortly left to go to GODZ. Then I talked with Franchesca, her friend, and this other chick from Finland. Also Masami, Mogi, and Sushi were working and there were like a few random people but that was it. Masami and Piko were arm wrestling girls and the girls were using 2 arms and still losing to them lol. I told Emmet I could beat anyone currently in the bar at arm wrestling for free so then he told Piko to arm wrestle me and I won pretty easily. I was trying to take it easy on the drinking tonight since the alcohol is bad for stomach ulcers. I had one beer at Current and then we decided to check out somewhere else.

We figured we would give GODZ a try. When we got there, it was like packed with guys. In fact, the only girl there was one of the bartenders lol. Emmet wanted to try to hit on girls so we only stayed at GODZ for like one beer. I said by to SPG Kris and we headed to PSY. PSY was a bit better and had a few girls. Eli was there with this foreign chick and Emmet wanted to talk to her but she left to go to GODZ before he had a chance. Bad timing I guess hah. There was this one other girl sitting next to Emmet so he talked with her a bit but she didnt know much English so he was having a hard time having a good conversation. I also ran into this guy named Richard who is friends with that girl Jessie who got me the X-Japan tickets a long time ago (not the new Jessie who is an ALT in Gunma). He and his friend said they were gonna go to Zin. I havnt been to Zin in forever so it sounded like a good idea. He told me he would mail me and let me know if there was anyone there. I waited a bit but he never mailed me. After a little longer, SPG Chris and his friends showed up at PSY but then Emmet and I decided we might as well just check out Zin anyway since he wasnt having a good time talking with that one girl.

On the way to Zin we were absolutely SWARMED by Nigerian guys trying to get us to go to their clubs/bars. It was WAY worse than usual. PSY to Zin is like a 2 minute walk and we got approached by like at least 10 to 15 of these guys on the way! Its like flys on a corpse thats been rotting in the sun for days. One of them asked Emmet to go to his club so Emmet asked him how he got his job here cuz he was curious. The guy tried to change the subject by asking Emmet something and a few of the other Nigerian guys hanging around were like "Wait, answer his question!" to the other Nigerian dude but he didnt want to answer so we just left hah.

Anyway, we got to Zin and it was already closed. It was about 4 am though so I guess it was a slow night for them and they closed earlier. Maybe ill try to go next time.

We were gonna go back to PSY but then Emmet convinced me to check out Tokyo Loose one more time. I didnt really wanna go but I figured they would be closing soon anyway so we might as well just check. Turns out the place is opened till like 10 am! I guess after everything else is closed its a decent option but I wouldnt wanna spend a whole night at that place.

Emmet agreed to pay for my locker this time which I didnt wanna pay for strictly out of principal. This time the place was a little more packed and there were some more girls though this place was still mostly a sausage fest and about half the guys there were gaijin. I hate going to these kinds of places but Emmet wants to meet Japanese girls who can speak English and like gaijin. I knew the only way I could enjoy this place was to get drunker. I had like 3 drinks while we were there, one being a tequila redbull cuz I was getting tired. I only had 7 drinks all night, plus I had some snus in but it was enough to at least give me a good buzz. In any case, all the girls at this club were stuck up and didnt even want to talk to either of us so it was a complete waste of time and we just ended up sitting around watching these people dance and shit. We finally left a little after 7 or so and then got some McDonalds (except I didnt eat cuz of my ulcer and Emmet ate his food in like 30 seconds). After that we headed to the manga kissa.

On the way there, we passed by HUB. HUB is like a chain of British pub style bar/restaraunts all over Tokyo. I generally dont like going there but Emmet was asking about it so I pointed it out to him. As I was pointing at the place, there was this group of Japanese people, 2 guys and 2 girls, probly in their 20s, and they started looking at us when I was pointing cuz maybe they thought I was looking at them or something. Then Emmet said hi to one of the guys and the dude starts like flexing his arm. Then he takes off his sweatshirt and is like showing off his guns and hes like bragging how its all big and shit LOL! I dont know if he was trying to be intimidating or something but then Emmet told him he should arm wrestle me right here on the ground in the middle of the street LOL! It just came out of no where but I was like, sure why not. So I arm wrestle this guy and just take him down really easily. He was all super embarased in front of the girls LOL. Then he tried to tackle Emmet but Emmet got him in a headlock and the guy gave up. I dont know if he was just fucking around or if he really was trying to start something but he quit pretty fast and then they went on their way peacefully. It was pretty random and hilarious!

After that we checked into the manga kissa and slept.

We woke up Saturday morning and headed over to Mikado. I wanted to play some more. Kawin was there and I only got to play him one time and lost, but I took a round. Other than that I pretty much just played some various random people and did fairly well. There was that really good black I-no player who was beasting at this years SBO quals a lot and I played him a good ammount and was doing well, mostly going back and forth.

Now later today, there was another international friends party, like the ones I went to before. I really didnt feel like going to be quite honest, but Emmet kept hounding me about it and I eventually gave in ONLY because it was Halloween and I figured I might as well get more use out of my costume. So around 5, Emmet and I met up with Liz and we went to her place real quick to change into our costumes and stuff. Mine took a little while to get ready cuz I had to paint my whole face. I also had a shave off my beard to put the makeup on, but its all good cuz it will grow back in like less than 2 weeks probably. I would have liked to have done a slightly nicer job on the makeup but time was running out and I guess I did a pretty good job for doing the whole makeup job in like a half hour. The makeup was really good in a way. Once it dried it made like a plastic casing on my face and it peels right off easily. Its good that it wont smear but its bad that it eventually would be cracking a bit around my mouth cuz thats the part of my face that stretches when I talk and drink beer.

So with our costumes ready, we headed out. Liz said she would meet up with us later at Current cuz shes kinda broke. Andy was still on his way and wouldnt arive till around 8. The party was scheduled from 6 to 9. He said he would meet us in Ebisu, where the party was, but probably wouldnt go in cuz it wouldnt be worth paying the 3000 yen cover.

So anyway, we get there and end up getting there a little before 7. When we walked in, the guys at the front table told us we had the best costumes there so far easily. He was right. Unfortunately, this party turned out to be another party foul. Only a small table with some cans of chuhai and happoshu. To make matters worse, they didnt even start letting us drink any of it until it turned 7 on the dot. 3000 yen for 2 hours of crappy alcohol is not worth it. Anyway, at least there were lots of cute girls there and everyone thought our costumes were pimp as hell so like just about every girl (and guy) in there wanted to talk to us hah. I made the most of it and had like 7 drinks and we talked to lots of girls. Tons of people took pictures with me. I had to go touch up my makeup a bit cuz it was cracking around the mouth. While I was waiting in line for the bathroom I was talking with these 2 girls. Around 8 pm, Andy showed up outside so I went out there to give him the makeup I ordered for him, but it turned out that he made a mask out of some cardboard and paint. He did a good job of drawing it acurately to the artwork but it didnt look as cool as if he used the face paint. However, I guess he didnt want to be bothered with putting it on since it takes a long time and he cant wear his glasses with the paint on so I guess this way worked better for him. Anyway, I went back inside and talked a bit more. There were these 2 hot girls that Emmet and I were talking to (the same ones I was talking to by the bathroom) and they decided that they would come with us to Current. As soon as they ran out of alcohol we got the fuck outa there.

We went outside and met up with Andy who was exploring Ebisu and there were also these 2 random dudes who were like visiting Japan and I told them they could tag along cuz they seemed alright and I like giving Current more business. So we all headed over to Shinjuku together. We met up with Liz, Sam (who was dressed as Shawn of the Dead), and this one guy Emmet knows in front of the station and walked to Current.

When we arrived at Current, it was maybe like a little passed 10 pm and the place was already fucking packed as hell. Gradually more and more regulars came and just about EVERY single Current regular was there except for Antti and the Finnish crew cuz I guess they had other plans. There were a ton of really awsome costumes too. Im not gonna bother typing about each costume cuz the pictures will speak for themeselves.

Most people didnt even recognize me at first but everyone thought my costume was dope. The only thing was no one knew what it was supposed to be. Lots of people thought I was Darth Maul LOL! Others just thought I was a zombie. It looked cool so it doesnt matter. I had a printed out picture of the cover of the Symphony X albums and showed it to people and then they knew what was up.

Things cleared out a little bit around the time that the last train was about to leave but there was a solid number of people there all night and all the regulars stayed out till the very end of the party. Even the 2 girls from the international party who originally said they were gonnna go home on the last train, decided to stay cuz the party was just that epic.

Everyone did a ton of dancing, including me. I got good and wasted, and the best part was that my ulcer wasnt bothering me at all. I guess the meds are really helping.

The only really bad thing that happened all night, was that Chibi Testament broke Emmet's 6000 yen Tengu mask! It got shattered into multiple pieces. I didnt see it happen and dont know if it was intentional or not but it sucks cuz it was a pretty nice mask.

I had to keep fixing my makeup a couple of times throughout the night but it only took a few seconds to re apply the part that cracked. Towards the end of the party I was so drunk I didnt even care about the makeup anymore LOL... but it held up surprisingly well.

Other than that though, I have to say that this was one of the best parties I ever went to at Current! Easily!

After it was over, the people I came with all headed out together. As soon as we went outside of Current I ripped my whole face off! The makeup came off really well aside from some of it that was stuck to my eye brows. Andy went home to Takasaski, Sam walked the 2 girls from the international party to the train station and Emmet and I got some McDonalds. I didnt get the Mega Muffin set this time cuz greesy food is bad for ulcers so I got like this lettuce heavy sandwich they had, it was ok. I shouldnt have gotten anything before sleeping but I was just too hungry to resist.

After that, we saw Sam going up the stairs when we were on our way out. We already ate and I was tired so we just said bye to him and headed to the manga kissa. No random street arm wrestling took place this time.

We woke up and Emmet decided he was going to leave early cuz he was able to get a ride back with some people who drove up to Tokyo for a rugby game. I wanted to play more Guilty Gear so I stayed all day and did just that.

I got some quick food and headed to Mikado and played GG all day. Nothing extremely noeworthy to talk about I guess, just a solid day of casuals. Hot Zappa and her Yellow Robo-Ky boyfriend were there too. Kunihiro showed up towards the end and we played some good games. He was doing really well on me with his Anji but then I beat his Anji and he played like a bunch of sub characters and couldnt beat me with them, but then switched to Slayer and I lost by like a hair. Then I said bye to him and left cuz I wanted to get some food before I got on the train to go home.

Thats about it. It was totally an awsome Halloween for sure! Enjoy the pictures!

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okay... so first of all, your posts are too damn long to read.. i decided to just look at the photos. halloween photos are scary. i mean, girls are supposed to look like sluts on halloween -- not bloody and scary. lol. its cute tho. your costume is too elaborate. haha! where did you get so much make up? im guessing its face paint, but still. must be hot wearing it huh? hope all is well in jpn..