Tuesday, November 24, 2009

50 Year Old Sushi

This was a three day weekend. Staying in Tokyo for 3 nights in a row at the manga kissa can be pretty tiring, and I need to save some money, so I ended up drinking in Numata on Friday night. Jesse got a brand new hookah so we smoked a bunch of that at Emmet's apartment. Then we went to an Izakaya and got some food and drinks. After that, Jesse was tired so she went home. Then Emmet and I went to another bar and it was completely dead but the bartenders were nice and gave us a bunch of free shots. We decided to go to sleep around 2 since nothing was really going on and it would be best to get to Tokyo earlier tomorrow.

We woke up the next day and I got to take a shower which was pretty awsome. Then we ended up driving back to Minakami cuz I needed to park my car at a different train station. We stopped at Beisia (big supermarket where Ryoko works at the Fujiya cake store). I wanted to say hi to her real quick but she wasnt at work yet and our train would leave soon. We got some quick food and then got on the train. I mostly played some Suikoden on my PSP on the way there. Its good kanji practice.

Anyway, as always we headed for Mikado. I immediately went to check out the new BlazBlue which had just came out yesterday. Mikado got 3 new HD BB cabs. It was maybe around 4 pm and there was a good ammount of people playing but not too many where I had to wait long to get a turn. I tried out the new Arakune. This was my first time playing the game. He certainly felt much weaker to me. I got beat kinda bad and then decided to try one more as Hazama cuz he looks interesting. I didnt really know what I was doing at all. I honestly havnt been following the new BB news much but Hazama seemed really fun! I like range characters so he seems like he might fit my play style but I will have to try him out more. Once again I got beat and wanted to test stuff out but the guy wasnt giving me any room to breath to even see what all his normals did, but the oroboros drive attack is a lot of fun to mess around with. This week I will probably watch a few vids and read up a little on his basic combos and whatever and Ill try to play the game a little more seriously next week. I didnt really wanna play at 100 yen a credit against people who are already beasting when im just trying to learn basic stuff. Anyway it was nice to try it out a little.

I then went to play some GG. I started off playing a few people doing well. Then I fought some black colored Potemkin that kept beating me by like a hair. I was pretty determined to beat him but then I put a coin in the machine and it got stuck so I just said fuck it and went to play on another cab. I won a bunch and eventually lost to someone and then went and fought the Potemkin again and won. Then Satou (the JO who was on the 2nd place team at SBO this year) was there and I beat his JO. Then I beat his SL 3 times in a row, then he picked PO and I won too. Then we played a bunch more games vs his JO and were going back and forth for a bit. They were some pretty quality matches.

Mike was there too for a bit but didnt get a chance to play him. Also Imo was playing against En-Slayer for a while.

I went back to try another game of BB. I tried Hazama again but once again didnt have much of a chance to test much. Then I noticed Bleed was playing as Hazama. When he lost, I asked him some questions about Hazama and then he told me he thinks the character is pretty weak in general (at least for now). He said he still mains Litchi and was just messing around with Hazama.

I went back to play GG a bit and then eventually this one guy with the SRK handle LetBloodRun showed up. Hes a 3rd strike player from So Cal here on vacation for like a month. He said he heard about me through Arturo and wanted to chill so I told him to meet me at Mikado. His name is Ryan. Seemed like a nice guy. Him and Emmet played some 3S and Emmet told me that Ryan beat him pretty hard with Urien. Emmet was planning on going to another international party. This time it was a thanksgiving one. It was slightly tempting but I honestly didnt really feel like going. Id rather play more games. He convinced Ryan to go with him though, so while I was playing GG the 2 of them headed out to go to the party in Shibuya. Then I played more GG, got an 11 win streak and lost to a good ABA.

Not long after, I got a mail from Andy who was on his way and would be in Tokyo soon. He said there was an Arcana Heart 3 loketest at Club Sega Akihabara today and he wanted to check it out. I figured i might as well see the game too so I headed over there.

Andy was standing in line to play when I got there. The line wasnt nearly as nuts as the BB loketest was. Maybe about 15 people in line at once or something. Theres 2 new characters in the game. I dont know much about it but one has swords and sorta fights like v-13 according to Andy, but I didnt see anyone try her. Theres also a new character which is a little girl who rides an imaginary monster drawing she made and it morphs into all kindsa weird shapes and shit. Very interesting looking character actually. I didnt bother playing the game cuz I know like nothing about Arcana and have only played AH2 like once in my life. Andy said the game feels pretty similar to the old games which I guess is good in a way.

I noticed some JO player had like a 30 something win streak. He beat some HOS and then I decided I wanted to end his streak. He turned out to be surprisingly good and beat me like 4 or 5 times until I finally beat him. I was kinda annoyed though cuz the 2nd time I fought him I lost by literally a pixel. After I beat him he left and no one else was playing and I died vs the computer on accident cuz I wasnt paying attention to what round it was on. Then Andy and I tried a little more BB. Club Sega got 5 new HD BB cabs. I tried out Hazama once more in a mirror match and got raped by some guy who knew lots of combos and setups already. I also tried out Tsubaki and she seemed kinda fun but once again I had no idea what I was doing. Andy tried Noel and said she felt kinda weak but its not like Noel was ever a beastly character and she did get a little nerfed from what I understand.

Anyway, after that we headed back to Shinjuku. I got another last minute craving to play a little more and it was fairly early still so we went to Sportsland. I waited a while to play cuz they only had 3 cabs going at 2 credits for 100 yen and there were actually lots of people there playing GG. Sportsland got 4 new HD BB cabs. I won like 2 matches, then lost to a Slayer barely. Then I used my other credit and rematched him and ended up beating him like 10 times in a row or something. He was starting to get pissed and I could hear him slamming on the cab a little when he lost. Eventually he managed to beat me but I honestly wanted to get out of there anyway and go to Current and get food so I didnt care. Andy told me the guy looked pretty pissed when he kept losing to me, which I always find amusing.

Andy and I got some Sukiya and then got to Current. Tonight was Sushi's 50th birthday party. Seeing as how he is the owner of Current, just about everyone came out. Almost all the regulars were there. Ayano was there and her mom came with cuz she was in town visiting! I was surprised to meet her mom and didnt really know what to say and felt kinda shy for some reason so I just said hi to her and said nice to meet you. It was also Nozomi's birthday (though she said her real birthday is next weekend at Zin so I will probably go to that too) and she was blowing the candles out on a cake when I was walking in. Emmet was already there too. He said that he and Ryan picked up some girls from the international party and were eating with them at some Izakaya nearby but that they werent really digging Emmet so he bailed and Ryan was still there talking with them. This was also the first time I saw Saeko in like forever. She was dressed rather... revealing and had a new hairstyle so I didnt even recognize her till she said hi to me later. Anyway, eventually Ryan showed up and said the chicks from the international party were like kinda old and not so interesting. Lots of people ended up leaving for the last train so it kinda cleared out again. Most of the people that left were like random unknowns so there was mostly just the main Current people there throughout the rest of the night. All the Zin people showed up later too. Piko was having fun messing around with a squirt gun shaped like a penis and was spraying everyone with it and pretending like it was his real penis. Thankfully it was indeed fake and thankfully it was filled with just water. It was pretty funny shit though. Later on, some of the Finnish crew showed up but Antti and Snus man werent with them. One of them just got married so they were all dressed up and drinking to celebrate.

For a while, Bosch was kicking ass at DJing and had like an 11 hit combo of awsome classic heavy metal songs that I love so I was rockin out for a bit, but then he dropped the combo by playing Limp Bizkit or something. Oh well. I heard that Bosch was running another one of those anime events at Current tomorrow from 4 pm to 10 pm so I figured I would check it out at some point.

Lots of people were dancing a lot as always at big parties. I got some cool pictures. Ms. Round Face was there again and was talking with us a good amount, as well as that glasses girl from last week too. It turns out Ms. Round Face's boyfriend is Piko and they have only been going out recently.

Some people got really drunk and were kinda dropping like flies towards the end. Sushi was especially wasted and was like diving onto Andy's lap lol! He left at around 3 or something cuz he was really drunk, but its his birthday so thats good that he got good and wasted. Some dude was passed out hardcore on the benches for a long time as well and it looked really funny. Also at some point I was talking to Doll Girl and she told me how she used to play a little Tekken and KOF which I thought was pretty cool.

We stayed till closing time at 5 and then rallied up a group to go to PSY consisting of me, Andy, Chip, glasses girl, and and some other girl whos name I dont know. Emmet was also going to come but he realized he lost his backpack. It wasnt at Current so he probably left it at the international party. I thought he was behind us so we left but when we got there he was upset cuz he thought we left him behind. Eventually he came back to PSY and was feeling a little better but never found his bag. Masami came later on too and so did Jackie with some girl and some other dude. Natsume played a song by this Japanese female fronted band called Gothic Lolita Doctrine. I never heard of them but it turned out that the girl who was there with Jackie was the lead singer! Jackie said he was their manager. I looked at the CD book and it was indeed her. She was kinda hot. Andy suggested we ask if they wanted to go do Karaoke with us cuz it would be fun and the girl said she would do it if we paid her a lot of money or something LOL! I dont even know who she is so I certainly wasnt about to that. It was a good time chillin at PSy though. Its a good thing Emmet decided to go to PSY though cuz he ended up going to a love hotel with glasses girl. Once PSY closed I got some quick food with Andy, and then he headed home to go back to Gunma and I went to the manga kissa.

I woke up the next day and met Emmet outside. He said that the glasses girl told him she had a boyfriend after they had shacked up. I dont get whats with all these girls wanting to do shit with guys when they have boyfriends lately. Emmet had a beer in his hand already at this point and it was only like 2 pm heh.

We headed back to Mikado and I played a bunch more casuals. I was doing really well for the most part. Started off getting an 18 win streak right away. Eventually lost to some Jam player. I also played against Mitsurugi Zappa once and lost. I got another 14 win streak at some point as well but lost to some really aggressive black Anji. I rematched him won and then he beat me after that again. Then Kuni's Baiken challenged me. Kuni is one of the best Baikens around and I hate Baiken so he beat me like 4 in a row or something. I came like within one hit of winning during one of the games though so I was getting kinda annoyed. Emmet was getting tired of playing and wanted to go to Current. It was about 7:30. I was annoyed enough to stop playing for now and plus I promised people id show up for the anime event so we decided to leave. However, before leaving there was this hot girl playing 3S as Ken. She actually seemed pretty good so Emmet wanted to play her before we left. He played her 2 games and lost every single round. This chick was really solid. I told her she was really good as we were walking out and she smiled and laughed.

We got some food and then went to Current. I knocked back a few shots of rum before going in and Emmet chugged an 8% 500 ml chu-hi can. The anime event was about as packed as the last time we went but this time there werent many cosplayers. Chip, Megu, Michi, Chibilez, Ms. Roundface, Shuji, and some other people were there as well as the whole Current staff. Once again most of the music I didnt know but some classic favorites were played. It was espesially funny having the whole bar singing "You wa shock!" and the Ponyoponyo song lol! I did a little dancing towards the end as I got drunker. Talked to various people. It was good times. I was wearing my Rockman 20th anniversary t-shirt and everyone thought it was awsome. They even played like this awsome vocal/rock remix of the Wily castle stage from Rockman 2 and had this cool video to go along with. I espesially rocked out to that one!

A little after 10, the party was over but the bar stayed open and some regulars stayed to keep drinking. Current was only open until 1 am tonight because the next day, the entire Current staff was going to Osaka for the grand opening of a new bar. The bar was being opened by Nobu (one of the bartenders of Rock Rock). Ill make sure to check it out next time I visit Osaka. At some point Emmet left and said he went to 7-11 and chugged 3 more of those strong cans of chu-hi. Then, Emmet passed out for a like a good hour on the bar. They were giving away some free shots for Sushi's birthday to everyone in the bar which was awsome. Eventually they closed and I said bye to everyone. Then Emmet and I headed to PSY for more drinking. On the way there though, I stopped at McDonalds and just ate a really fast McChicken cuz I was a little hungry.

At PSY it was pretty dead. Some girl who we met at the party there last weekend was there and a few other random dudes. One of the guys there thought I was 40 years old for some reason. I havnt shaved in a while but.. 40? Really? wtf... Also, when we arrived at PSY my ulcer was hurting more than usual. Then I realized I no longer had a snus in my mouth, but I did before I ate that McChicken. The snus was now in my stomach. I tend to avoid eating with snus in for this very reason and I didnt even notice myself swallow it. So.. I went into the bathroom and made myself throw it up. Much better than leaving it in there to make my ulcer even worse. I felt much better after that. This is actually the 3rd time ive accidently swallowed snus lol!

Eventually we were the only ones in the bar. We decided to check out GODZ after we finished our drinks. GODZ was pretty dead too with maybe like 2 other people in the bar. Emmet was tired as hell and despite having just chugged a redbull he just passed the fuck out at the bar with a whole beer in front of him. I guess thats what happens when you start drinking at 2pm and dont stop all day. I just drank and listening to some music and was getting kinda tired too. The bar scene tonight seemed rather dead and Emmet was done for so I figured it would be best to just call it a night. I woke Emmet up and he finished his beer and then we headed out to go to the manga kissa.

We woke up after 6 hours and we were both still tired as hell. My ulcer was killing me. Its obviously not healed and I probably drank too much and ate too much food I shouldnt have eaten throughout the weekend. Plus I spent about as much money as I wanted too this weekend up to this point, so we just decided to go back to Gunma right after waking up. I kinda wanted to play more casuals but I just wasnt really feeling so well.

We waited for a long time for the train to transfer at Akabane and ran into some other ALT from Gunma real quick. Eventually we got on the train and slept the whole way. Then we had to transfer again and it took another 40 minutes at Takasaki which is why I hate taking the train back earlier in the day. Once again, I slept the rest of the way till I eventually got home. I spent the rest of the day with Ryoko which was at least nice.

Next weekend is a thanksgiving JET party and I will also go to Zin for the first time in while. Maybe ill try to play more BB if I get the time and do a little homework first.

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