Tuesday, November 17, 2009

High Five to PSY!

On Friday, I had to stay at work later than I was expecting and ended up not making it out to Tokyo until about 10 pm. I headed right for Mikado and played some GG cuz I was fiending to play pretty hard. I said hi to Hot Zappa who was talking to Natsume. Hot Zappa said hello and Natsume just ignored me for whatever reason. Takuya was there fighting Hot Zappa's Boyfriend. I went and played some Testament and won. Then I lost to some Baiken twice in a row. Lately I have really been having trouble against Baiken. I think I hate her more than Millia and Chipp now so shes right up there with May as my most hated character currently. Some other guy got on the machine after that, so I went to go fight against HZBF's Robo-Ky cuz he just beat Takuya's Faust. Udei was sitting at the cab next to me so I said hi to him and then played and won against HZBF. From this point on I stayed on the machine the whole time without losing. Heres exactly how it went down from this point...
2 wins vs MA
1 win vs VE
3 wins vs HOS
fought some Faust whos button broke in the last round but then they fixed it and we played again and I won again
1 win vs MA
1 win vs TE.

After that people stopped playing and they turned the closing time music on. I only had time to play a total of 14 games all night and I won 12 of them so I guess I did ok, but I would have liked to play some more.

After that, I headed for Shinjuku. This weekend McDonalds had 100 yen McChickens as a special! They normally dont even have regular McChickens, just the bigger ones that come in the combo meals. Last time I visited Chicago the McChicken I got sucked but these were way juicier and better quality! Only problem is they put way too much fucking mayo on them but Japanese people love mayo. After eating, I took a couple swigs off my rum bottle in my backpack to pregame and headed to Current.

I hadnt been to Current for 2 weeks so it felt nice to be back there. The only people there when I arrived were Masami, Mogi, Sushi, and Bosch. As soon as I sat down they poured a free round of Jagermiester shots for everyone and then they later poured a free round of nihonshu which rocked as well. Also, Sushi had just purchased Dream Theaters Greatest Hit CD for the bar and it was still freshly sealed. He busted it out and told me to request a song. They know I love Dream Theater so its always awsome how these guys take good care of me when I drink there. I requested Lie and rocked out.

A little later a couple of random dudes showed up, and then Franchesca and her friend came. Sushi was air guitaring with a broom stick and dancing around for a while. It was pretty amusing. He went home after a little while though. I drank a bit more and then Emmet showed up. He was drinking with a girl somewhere at an Izakaya and she went home so he come to chill. Also, this Finnish girl named Meeri came. Shes the one who dressed as a Sailor girl for Halloween. The plan was to go to PSY for their 5th anniversary party but I wanted to at least go to Current to have a couple beers first.

Emmet and I then headed over to PSY. On the way there, we probably got asked for massages by like at least well over 20 "massaji" girls. I dont usually walk over to PSY this early so I guess there are just way more of them out around this time, but it has to be a record for the most I ever encountered during a 5 minute walk!

This weekend at PSY was their 5th anniversary party but it was actually a 2 day event. The cover was 2000 yen to get in but you get 2 drinks and you can get ANYTHING! Some places are really stingy about that but Emmet was getting Long Island Iced Tea and I got a redbull tequila and they were totally fine with it. I was also given a free shot of Jagermiester (again!) from Chi! In addition, they were giving away free PSY T-shirts. The design on them is pretty cool but the only problem is that they are black shirts and the design is like kinda sparkly with like silverish glitter. It doesnt look that bad but im concerned about the glitter coming off all over the place when I wash the shirt later. It was already starting to come off a little on other peoples shirts. The other cool thing was, since we paid cover for tonight, they told us we dont have to pay cover again for tomorrow night, so thats pretty sweet. PSY, being an extremely small bar, was very packed. All the main PSY regulars I see there often were there, and all 5 bartenders who work there were there. Natsume, Chi (aka Imoto-san), Michiru, Yukio, and this new guy but I dont know his name. This was the first time I saw Yukio in a long time, but he seems to be doing well. Hide, one of the owners of GODZ, was also there. They played good music all night and I had a good time chillin. Also, on the big screen they were showing old Gatchaman episodes so it was fun watching the likes of Ken, Jun the Swan, and crew kick some ass while I got drunk. I couldnt help but be reminded of TvC hah. Towards the end of the night, Masami showed up with Meeri. Meeri was given a Tequila shot and didnt want it so she gave me it for free! Sweet! PSY ended up staying open until 7 am! I got good and drunk but somehow didnt end up spending all that much money, awsome!

After they closed, I got some McDonalds breakfast with Emmet, even though I know its not a good idea for me to do so right now, but I was really hungry. I got a Bacon McGriddle set for once to mix it up from the usual Megamuffin set. It rocked pretty hard.

Once the food got maxed, we headed for the manga kissa. I only got the 6 hour package cuz it was already late and I wanted time to play games after getting up. I was kinda tired though.

After waking up, we got some McChickens and then headed over to Mikado. Emmet got his usual hangover beer. There was some good comp there today. I didnt bother keeping track of all the matches I played this time, but there was this one May player there who uses default color. I cant remember his name but Rod and Matt saw him when we went to Sportsland before and said he was some pretty famous May who had lots of vids from back in the day. Hes a sorta chubby guy who looks like a textbook anime otaku. Anyway, I played him about 12 times or something until I finally beat him. It was frustrating cuz I had some really close ones but he kept coming back with some clutch wins and stealing that shit. I was determined to beat him though and can always use good May practice so I didnt give up. After I beat him, he later re-challenged me, so at least he obviously didnt think I was bad, or else he could have easily just played against someone else. A few other big names like Mitsurugi and Inoue were there but I didnt get a chance to play against them. Aside from losing to May a lot, I did well against just about everyone else that I fought.

Today, Emmet was planning on going to another international party. I originally wasnt going to go, but a few factors made me change my mind. I saved a ton of money last night so I didnt mind spending 3500 yen for all you can eat sushi and all you can drink. This one was at an actual bar so I knew the drink selection would be fine. I was hungry, and sushi was sounding good. Also, Andy was on his way to Tokyo and said he was going too. I also got lots of games in today so far, and had all day tomorrow to play, so I figured... why not!

Around 6 pm, we headed over to Shinjuku station and met up with Andy. We transfered to the Oedo subway line and headed to Roppongi. I generally hate Roppongi and try to avoid it but oh well. We found the place pretty easily and only ended up getting there about 15 minutes late. It was at some Australian bar called Quest, I think. At some point while we were in there, there was this white chick who worked there. I asked her if she was from Australia and she said no, shes from London, and told me that NO ONE who works there is even Australian! LOL! Some Australian bar.

Anyway, the place had a full Sushi buffet with some other stuff like salad and cake and cheese! The same organization who ran last week's party ran this one as well. The black dude with the awsome handlebar mustache was there again with his chef uniform on again. This guy is an awsome cook and baker and made the cake from scratch again. They also had more of that home made icream. We ate a ton and then walked around and made the rounds talking to various people. A few nice people, but no one overly interesting. I drank probably about 7 tequila cokes, and I tried this Australian beer called Victoria Bitter. I never had it before but was disapointed with it cuz it tasted like some shit I would have gotten from a crappy 40 of cheap malt liquer back home. Reminded me of like something slightly lower in quality than Mickey's (which is the only malt liquer catagory stuff I actually enjoy), maybe like King Cobra or Old English lol.

There was this one chick who was there who was actually half Japanese and half Russian! She was also a huge metal fan! On paper, that combination sounds pretty awsome but she was like sorta old and not very attractive at all, but we had a nice little chat about metal while I was ordering a drink at the bar.

The bathroom at this place was pretty awsome though. It was just a one toilet small room with a sink, but all the walls were covered in mirrors, so you just saw and endless sea of yourself. It was pretty trippy, espesially after a few drinks! I took some pictures of myself... and myself... and myself... and myself...

Anyway, once they stopped serving drinks a little after 9 pm, we talked to like one more pair of girls and then we left to go back to Shinjuku. On the way back to the station in Roppongi, we passed the main Konami building, which is probably the only actual good think located in Roppongi lol! I took a picture. Maybe I should go visit it one day. Konami has always been one of my favorite (top 3 easily) game companies.

We headed back over to Current again to chill before going to PSY. This time there were a lot more people there. Ayano was at the bar and I gave her a hug and said hi. All the staff was there working and Piko was there too DJing. Also some various random people were there. We sat at the bar for a bit, and then Liz showed up with this one other ex-ALT who now works in Tokyo. We got a table together in the back. There was also this one other girl there who I have seen a bunch of times before but never knew her name. Pretty cute. She joined us at the table in the back. She told us her name but lets just call her Ms. Round Head. She has sorta a round shaped face and also her hair is like really smooth and sorta roundish looking but she looks pretty good. She spent a good while chilling with us and seemed to take a liking to Emmet. However, she got too drunk and ended up passing out with her head on his lap. Then later she woke up and was sitting with Emmet at another table and they like kissed but then she said some stuff about having a boyfriend and Emmet got confused and didnt wanna deal with it so he just came back to join us.

Then later on, Chip showed up! He sat with us at our table and this one girl with glasses joined us as well. Chip said he's now thinking of maybe working at one of the sub-companies of Capcom that developed Biohazard 5, I think some of the Devil May Cry games, and Lost Planet, I believe. Chip told me the name but I forgot what it was. When Emmet finally was introduced to Chip for the first time (they have both been to Current at big parties but never talked before), he was extremely enthusiastic to meet someone who helped make some of the classic Street Fighter games.

We all enjoyed drinking together for a bit and eventually Liz and the other guy had to take the last train back home. Andy went and talked with Ms. Round Head for a bit, and around this time, Meeri, and a few of the Metal Event regular guys showed up (though not together). Bosch was now DJIng and was spinning a bunch of power metal and these guys just started rocking out like it was a metal event lol! Meeri danced with them a bit and I sorta joined them on and off for kicks. We wanted to head out to PSY and they wanted to come with us, when we finally got them away from air guitaring for long enough to finish their beers, we all (me, Andy, 2 metal guys, and Meeri) headed out together to PSY. Chip said he would be joining us there later. Emmet was talking with the glasses girl and Chip and just got another beer.

PSY this time was even more packed than the previous night! I dont even know how thats possible but it happened. It was pretty fucking hard to even move. Lots of the same people were there, plus even more people, and Ken from GODZ came too. Some dude whos been traveling all over the world and just randomly found this place on accident like an hour before was there and he had these really good cigarretes from Indonesia and let me have one so I gave him a snus. He was pretty cool. Must be nice to have the time and money to do all that traveling. I was also talking with Meeri and found out shes actually staying at Masami's place and unforutnately will be going back to Finland soon. Once again Masami came later too after Current closed. Chip, the glasses girl, and Emmet also showed up later on as well. Also, Yoshi, the owner of Zin came with Doll girl as well. I was surprised to see them since it was the first time ive seen them at PSY (that I can recall). Cool to see them though. Just another reminder that I need to drink again at Zin soon cuz its been a really long time since ive gone there. I got a seat at the bar at somepoint (though I dont know how cuz it was so packed) and they had some free snacks which were pretty tasty.

Sometime around 5 or 6, Andy headed out to go back to Gunma. Once again the bar ended up being opened till like passed 7 am. I was feeling slightly tired (but didnt sleep) somewhere around 5:30 or 6, but after getting a Tequila coke and them playing a few songs I liked I somehow just got like this 2nd wind and after the bar closed at 7 I still wanted to drink more! Emmet and I decided to go have a beer at Tokyo Loose. I honestly dont really like the place but it was the best thing I could think of that was opened at 7 am.

We split a locker and put our bags in and grabbed a beer. Some black dudes that worked there or seemed like they did, were talking to us. One of them asked me where I was from and I told him Chicago, and he said he was from Indiana, but spoke with a Nigerian accent. I was tempted to ask him WHERE in Indiana he was from to test if he was BSing me but I just left it alone. Some other dude said he was from Brooklyn but he didnt have an accent. To be honest I really dont care anyway lol. The guy from Brooklyn was trying to get me to dance with this one black chick. I didnt really feel like it but hes like "dont leave me hangin bro" so I was like ok fine. So I go dance with her and shes like trying to get me to buy her drinks and im just like "no" and then she leaves me alone lol! The selection of women there was pretty crappy. Overall it was as I would have expected it to be but I got to drink another beer and thats all I wanted anyway.

After finishing our beer we went to get McDonalds breakfast again. We went to Beatles McDonalds on the 3rd floor. We were talking about one of the girls named Eli who goes to PSY, and then I look up and see her sitting across the room with another girl lol! It was random. So we said hi to them briefly and after we ate we headed out. I then went to the manga kissa and got some rest, but once again only got the 6 hour pack cuz I wanted time to play games again.

I woke up and had some pain again in my chest. It seems my ulcer isnt quite healed yet. Nothing as bad as that one day I went to the hospital to get checked out but noticeably uncomfortable and it pretty much lasted all day. Its my fault for eating too much McDonalds (especially before sleeping) and drinking too much tequila cokes. Should have stuck to beer and ate better so Ill try to do that again and hopefully the ulcer will go away and wont get worse. I already finished all the medicine I got from the hospital.

Anyway, enough about that... Sunday, I headed to Akihabara. Last week, the AC cable for my DELL laptop broke, so I have been unable to use my computer. Theres a DELL store near Akihabara station so I figured maybe I could buy a new one there. Turns out that they have to special order it and then I would have to pick it up like a week later so I just said fuck it and decided I would order on myself online. I just figured this way would be easier but oh well.

Well, since I was already in Akihabara and since it had been a while, I figured I would check out good ol Club Sega. They had 6 GGAC cabs running now and there were a decent amount of people playing but no real notable players were there. Ive been trying to save money lately so playing at 100 yen a game is a little steep but i figured if I just dont lose a lot its all good hah. So I started out by doing really well actually. I got a 20 win streak right off. I eventually lost in a close one to a good I-no player. While I was playing on that cab, there was this dude playing next to me who was using Venom. He started talking to me randomly, saying I look like im pretty good and asking where im from and all this stuff. Eventually he went over to play me on the other side and used Johnny on me. I beat his JO twice and then he used VE and beat me barely. Then I rematched him and won. Throughout the time there, this guy was like constantly talking to me. He asked if I could exchange cellphone info with him. I didnt mind so I did. He seemed like a solid player and I figured maybe would be good as a potential team mate for next years SBO. However, I asked him if he ever tried to enter SBO and he said no because the level of players is too high. While im not arguing that the level isnt high, thats not the kind of attitude a good competative player should have.

I played throughout the whole day and ended up playing there till about 8:30. I was beating most people. There was a female Dizzy player there who I never saw before who was actually pretty good but I beat her the only game I played against her. There was also a Testament who was pretty good but I have no idea who he was, though I would say I went about 75/25 against him in my favor. The Venom/Johnny guy (whos name is Akagi) was the best one there that I fought against. I got another 12 wins in a row at some point and managed to not lose very many games over like the 5 or 6 hours I was there playing.

Eventually it was getting late so I said bye to Akagi and headed out. I got some curry before getting on the train. As I was waiting on the platform for the train, Akagi mails me again with this really long email thanking me for playing with him. Then he starts busting out all the information out of no where like his age, where he lives, and a whole ton of other stuff you normally just wouldnt freely decide to tell some random dude you just met at the arcade and only talked to briefly. Then he jokingly asked me to teach him English hah. Id like to give him the benefit of the doubt and maybe he was just being friendly, but it did come off as a little strange to me. Later on I showed the email to Ryoko and asked her what she thought and she didnt really know what to make of it but told me to be careful LOL! In any case, I dont really care. I hardly ever play at Club Sega and even if I see him again its no big deal. He was a solid player though in any case.

So thats about it. A pretty solid weekend. Next weekend on Friday, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift final version will be out in arcades. We will also be celebrating Sushi and Nozomi's birthdays at Current! I will be back in Tokyo once again next weekend for sure!

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