Tuesday, October 30, 2007

08-07-2007 The first post...

Whatsup Chicago! I still have no internet in my apartment in Japan, might be abother week till I do, Im using my supervisors computer at the town office. This weekend is SBO so me and fubarduck and kyle will team up and get that last chance spot. So far I got to play a good amount of gear in Shinjukuu when I first arrived, Miu introduced me to quite an elite crew consisting of Nakamura the Millia player, Imo the Zappa player, the legendary Ogawa, and several various other elite players. I didnt get to play against all of them but I did play some of them and a few of the people there I was able to beat and I held my own OK. Nakamura and Imo beat me up and I didnt play Ogawa. I also went to an arcade in Takasaki and played about 10 or so different people there. At one point I got a 33 win streak against like 4 different guys. Miu invited me to go to a tournament in Chiba last weekend but unfortunately I didnt go because I couldnt get in contact with him, I only have his email address and I couldnt get online. When I see him at SBO ill get his phone number so we can meet up more often. So yea...... so far japan is cool, I went to the arcade in Numata which is the closest one to where I live but unfortunately they didnt have AC, only slash and no one was there. So the closest good arcade for me is in Takasaki which is about an hour train ride away, but thats ok, there was a large community of players there, I think theres a ranking battle there the last weekend of this month, I will try to go. Once I get internet Ill try to keep in touch more often. Later guys

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