Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10-08-2007 Club sega 3 on 3 (double Faust + MIU team)

This weekend was cool. I found this thrift store in the town next to mine and bought a couch for 500 yen! I also picked up the Indiana Jones trilogy Japanese version with subtitles so that I could watch it with my girlfriend. I went to Tokyo for Sunday and Monday (Monday was a holiday) and I accidently found there was a 3 on 3 in club sega shinjuku. I ended up teaming up with MIU and another Faust player named Fukin (they allowed 2 of the same character since we were the only players left without teams). I think there was about 12 teams, they ended up doing a round robin pools type format, 3 pools of 4 teams, then the top team from each pool played in the final pool. First match Fukin goes first, loses to May, MIU goes next and OCVs the whole team, after May it was Eddie and Robo Ky. I didnt need to play2nd match I go first, I beat Jam, the I lose to HOS, Fukin also loses to HOS, MIU beats HOS and INO ftw3rd match, Fukin goes first and beats Potemkin and then loses to Johnny. I go 2nd and beat Johnny and then beat Axl ftw. MIU doesnt play4th match ummm I forgot what happened but we won! hahaso then we win our pool undefeated.Finals pool, first match we get OCVed by some super aggresive top Jam player, I forgot his name but it wasnt KA2 or Mike. 2nd match we get OCVed by some top Slayer, his name was like N-slayer or something... I dunno haha, too many people to keep track of! so we ended up getting 3rd. Fun timesAfter the tourny I went to the best Ramen resturaunt Ive ever had with MIU and BAS. It was in Idobashi, and there was like a long line outside just to get in. I took a few pics, ill post em tomorrow or something

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