Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10-02-2007 First time at Oyama and Current rock bar

hmm yea so last weekend was pretty cool. I went to a 2 on 2 in Oyama (an area in north Tokyo) and 012 was there, but he played Faust! It was strange, but his faust was really good. He ended up losing to a Sol player though (ironic eh?) and got 2nd. I teamed up with some bridget player, we didnt win, oh well.

This weekend coming theres 2 tournaments on the same day (sunday) at the same time (2:00) not far from eachother, but I cant go to EITHER one since the Gunma international association is having some lame welcome lunchin thing and I HAVE to go to it... normally I wouldnt mind, but its a 3 day weekend and they pick the one day where theres a tournament out of the 3 days and put it at the same exact time the tournaments are at..... wtf....oh well, ill probly go to Tokyo that sunday afternoon and stay till monday night for casuals.

Oh yea and I found this awsome bar in west shinjuku not far from okubo that plays all metal (good metal) and has cheap heinekin on tap. It's called Current. There was all these japanese chicks playing air guitar on these inflatable fake blow up guitars, it was cool and I got totally wasted off heinekin and jager shots since some cool dude from finland was there and kept buying rounds and shit. Ive got pics but I didnt put them on my pc yet, I will upload them soon.

At Akihabara casuals I beat some top Johnny player but got owned lots of times by FAB. I did however get lots of win streaks, I think I had one that was like 23 wins at Akihabara and another of like 17 wins. I think im sorta getting better maybe, now if only i didnt choke in tournys.... but that will come in due time.

oh and has anyone ever accidently put salt in their coffee instead of sugar? Cuz this morning.... I did... and it tasted like shit. Its a shame I dont know what the kanji for salt and sugar look like (I know how to say the words but that doesnt mean shit when you cant read them :( )

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