Tuesday, October 30, 2007

09-02-2007 Akihabara 3 on 3

So yesterday I went to a 3 on 3 GGXXac tournament at Akihabara. I teamed up with a testament player named H2 and an Anji named Gan. We lost to the team that won the whole tournament, chipp/aba/testament. Gan goes first, loses to chipp, I hate chipp so H2 goes next and beats chipp but then loses to aba. I beat aba and then lose to testament in a close battle. the testament was really good, no one could beat him, forgot his name though. oh well, theres more tournaments this month so hopefully ill do better next time, oh yea and I played ogawa the day before but he didnt go to the tournament, hes a beast! I beat him like 2 rounds but I couldnt actually win a match against him

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