Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10-14-2007 Chiba quals (Goi Game Chariot and Tsudanuma Amusement Ace)

aahaha....ok... so heres my weekend. I took the day off on Friday because I needed to go to Takasaki (the largest city in my prefecture, about one hour train ride from my town) in order to go get my re entry permit at the immigration office for when I visit the US over break. You have to go during the week, not opened on weekends. So my original plan was to go down there early in the day and since its on the way to Tokyo I was just going to go straight from there. Last minute I get invited to an Enkai (drinking party) for my main school since a new teacher started working there. I didnt want to be rude so I said I would go figuring I can just wake up early Saturday and go to Tokyo etc. So I go to the Enkai and get drunk and thats all good. Wake up super early and catch like a 7:30 train. Now this weekend there were 2 Dream Fighters festival 2 qualifiers in Chiba. The first one was at Game Chariot near the Goi train station in Chiba. I arrive about an hour before the tournament starts. Nice arcade, impressive tournament setup. Lots of people playing. I sign up without a partner since its a 2 on 2 tourny and I dont know anyone there. When its time for the tourny they paired me up with another player who didnt have a partner apearently. His name was Karun, he was a Jam player and he was quite good. Hes friends with Nanashi and FAB. When they found out he would be teaming up with me they sorta laughed at him, i dont know what they said to him but it seems like they found it ammusing. I think there was about 22 teams. So anyway. tournament starts... First match, I lose to a Johnny player in a close match, then Karun goes and beats Johnny and their other guy (I forgot who it was, I think sol). I told him sorry and that I would play better next time. So next time we go I go first, and I beat their whole team of Sol (Kishitaka) and Potemkin (ABEGEN) by myself, Karun doesnt play and seems quite pleased. This match was on the big screen and everyone was going pretty crazy, cuz I guess they werent expecting some random Gaijin to do so well. So then our next match is the Semi Finals against.... Nanashi and FAB team. I go first, lose to Nanashi (sorry Prucha... hes super good........ but next time.....) and then Karun goes, beats Nanashi but wasnt able to defeat FAB. So we end up getting 3rd. Finals was Isa (Eddie) and Kaqn (using Millia!) vs Nanashi and FAB. Eddie and Millia win and get the qualifier spot, I was pretty surprised FAB lost since most people can hardly touch him.

So after the tourny I ask Karun if hes going to the other tournament the next day (this time the tournament is near the Tsudanuma station in Chiba at Amusement Ace game center). He says he is going, I ask him if he wants to team up again, he says maybe. He asks for my cellphone email and we exchange info. I stay and play some casuals and eventually I head to Tsudanuma since Goi had no Manga/internet Cafes and I needed to find out where I was sleeping that night.

So I arrive in Tsudanuma and its much bigger and there are more places in the area, including a few manga/internet cafes, so I was pretty much set. I arrive at Amusement Ace, theres only 2 cabs there but the arcade itself was really cool, lots of the walls looked like the inside of a dungeon and there were like torches and stone gargoyles. So theres people playing, I end up owning just about everyone and had like 27 wins or something, but most of the really strong players werent there, some were still at Game Chariot, others... I dont know. So I stay till closing, get some food and some beers and eventually go to sleep at one of the manga/net cafes. I wake up with the worst stiff neck/sore back ive had in recent memory. I can hardly move without it hurting. With nothing else to do I get some breakfast at some soba place and then I head to amusement at at around 9:30 am. Since its so early theres pretty much no one there, some random scrub was there playing against the computer, I beat him and no one plays me for a while. Then the soba strikes and I have to take a dump really really bad.... and end up taking like 3 or 4 dumps within a few hours.... never eating there again.... eventually a few more people start showing up like this one chipp player and this one sol player. I beat both of them about 3/4 of the time. Then a potemkin player shows up and I play him, almost beating him, then I look on the other side of the cab and sure enough FAB has arrived. Shortly after everyone starts to pile in and now the place is packed and its taking quite a while to play since theres only 2 cabs. FAB ends up getting like 40 win streak and eventually loses to a bridget player by a pixel. This time way more people were there, I think there were about 30 teams... so about 60 players. I get an email on my cellphone from Karun saying that hes teaming up with someone else... so now I have no partner. I try to register and the arcade guy tells me to wait till I have a partner. Eventually last minute they ask some random May player who wasnt even going to enter to team up with me, he tells me that hes weak but I say thats ok I dont care, I needed a partner. So they randomly draw team names out of a bucket and set up brackets and sure enough.... first round I get to fight Karun and his team mate (his new team mate being the same sol player I was beating earlier). So we go pretty early, maybe like 3rd match of the tournament. My partner goes first against Karun, loses pretty fast. Then its me vs Karun, I win the first round very convincingly. 2nd round I was winning most of the round and then last minute I make a small execution error, and get hit by some random thing that shouldnt have hit me and die to 90% life Jam corner BS combo. Then 3rd round is going ok, then I throw out a scalpel pull from almost full screen and he does fucking forward punch which goes through it and staggers me, then I get hit by charged flying kick into death corner BS 90% combo for the lose. It wasnt a very good feeling having my former team mate ditch me for some sol player and then beat me first round. But on the other hand I suppose he had no obligation to team up with me since he didnt even know me and was randomly placed with me in the first place last time. After the match Osaka B came up to me out of no where and gave me props saying that I played very well and that my Faust is strong. I stayed and watched the rest of the tourny, Karun and his partner eventually lost to another Faust player named Togo (I think thats his name) This same Faust player also ended up beating Nanashi and his partner (who this time was a different potemkin player with spikey hair, for some reason FAB teamed up with a Zappa player, I think his name was A-zappa. I later asked Nanashi why he didnt team up with FAB again and he said a bunch of shit really fast in Japanese and I couldnt understand him because it was really loud). So eventually FAB and A-zappa end up winning the tourny and getting the qualifier spot. People play casuals for a bit and then leave.
It was dead so I head to Akihabara and play for a little longer. Do ok winning against some decent people, and Ogawa was there, played him 3 times and got owned, no one can touch that guy.... eventually I head home and catch the last train back. Ussually I can get a free train ride back because the station I go back to has no one checking tickets that late at night but this time the conductor checked my ticket on the train and I had to pay... weak. I think its cuz I sat in the front car... next time Ill have to sit in the back. So I get home and go to sleep, wake up today and my sore neck and back are even worse... I hope this shit goes away soon cuz it really sucks. Next week theres a qualifier in Kanagawa (prefecture south of Tokyo) and one in Niigata (prefecture north of Gunma, my prefecture). I can only go to one since they are so far apart so I will have to decide. Sean lives in Niigata so I will maybe go there to visit him but I have to talk to him first, ive never been there yet. Oh well thats all for now I guess, I didnt take many pictures but I will post them and the ones I never posted from last week pretty soon.

EDIT: these are some of the matches from the GameChariot DF2 qualifier
http://youtube.com/watch?v=mtuA1vijsKw me vs Kishitaka and ABEGEN
http://youtube.com/watch?v=FVcXaYjILHw me and Karun vs Nanashi and FAB

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